How Can You Tell If Someone Is Enlightened?…

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Enlightened?

An Enlightened person is One who has had a clear and distinct experience of the Soul, the real Self. The mere presence of someone who is enlightened gives you the sense of oneness, openness, comfort and ease.

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How do they think or what is their vision?

It is through wrong understanding that we believe, ‘I am really the body, name and all that it entails.’ Therefore, if someone were to insult the name and body, we instantly think that they are saying it to me. However, one who is enlightened has the awareness that, ‘this is happening to the body and name, and not me. I am a pure Soul.’ He also understands why the insult is happening – that it is the result of my own previously made causes.

An enlightened person thus views the world from the perspective of the Soul as he constantly dwells in the awareness of the Soul. As a result,

With the vision of, ‘I am a Pure Soul whose only function is to see and know’, the enlightened person is able to vividly see the mistakes and faults that lie in the worldly self of his. Hence, all the time he is busy focusing his vision on unearthing and clearing each of the mistakes that happen by the worldly self in the present moment, or has been lying inside as an accumulated stock.

One who is enlightened sees everyone else also as first a pure Soul, and then as a person or a living being.

An enlightened person can clearly see that the Pure Soul residing within every living being, be it in an ant or an elephant, in a celestial being or a being in hell, in an enlightened human being or a non-enlightened human being, has the same properties of infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite strength and infinite bliss. Hence, in his eyes, everyone is not only equal, but a God (Parmatma, the Absolute Soul).

For this reason, the enlightened being has no feeling of divide or separation with anyone in the world. And every living being too experiences oneness and happiness in the company of someone who is enlightened.

The enlightened person does not see himself, nor others, as the doer of the deeds or speech or thoughts, as he has the understanding of the science of karma that explains how each one’s thoughts, words or actions are merely the unfolding karma of one’s past life; one has no control over it at this point of time now. Owing to this vision, one who is enlightened does not see anyone guilty. On the contrary, the enlightened being always wishes that everyone attains the vision as his and develops spiritually so that one can come out of all their mistakes that are giving them suffering and can experience the bliss as his.

And if anyone is rude, angry or awful towards the enlightened person, the latter can very well see it as the result of his past karma, and hence, no one is to be blamed in fact. Forgiveness flows naturally within them. No matter what anyone will do or say to them, there is always natural forgiveness in return.

Therefore, in the presence of an Enlightened being, one feels a sense of contentment and a deep inner bliss. Even if the enlightened being were to ignore us, we experience only utmost reverence and respect for him, as we know that if he is doing so, it is for our own benefit that he is doing, with the purpose of our spiritual development in mind.

So, once we meet an enlightened person, it is fairly easy to tell that someone is enlightened. But even if we somehow fail to tell, at this stage for us, it is more important to take the first step towards enlightening ourselves, and that is by attaining Self-Realization from an Enlightened being.

Let’s try to understand how attaining Self-Realization would impact our vision.

Say you are in a room which is in complete darkness. You are trying to find your way around. But while you are navigating in the room, you keep bumping into things, knocking yourself over and over again. Now, what would happen if a little ray of light brightened the room? It will become easy to see your way around, won’t it? This is what you gain by attaining Self-Realization. You begin to view the world from the enlightened vision of the Soul, and not from the point of view of name and the body.

To attain this vision, you need to go personally to the Enlightened One, sit in his company and see how you think in his presence, how your worldly vision is influenced. Am sure your own experience will inspire you towards the enlightened vision, and tell you what to do next. In today’s times, we are very lucky to have Akram Vignan, through which we can attain Self-Realization directly with the grace of the Enlightened One, in just a matter of two hours only

My best wishes and good luck to you, may you attain the enlightened vision soon 👍


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