How Can You Enlighten The Truth And Importance Of Human Life More Effectively To Others?…

How Can You Enlighten The Truth And Importance Of Human Life More Effectively To Others?

This can be done only through the Enlightened One!

One may listen to long, great intellectual lectures upon truth and yet walk away without grasping much of the essence. But when the same comes to the Enlightened One, the latter kindles within him the light of knowledge of the Self, that shines as the ultimate truth forever. So effective it is when the truth is delivered by Him!!!

The spiritual purity of the Enlightened One draws people from distant locations towards Him, just like a powerful magnet attracts needles and pins. And His magical speech influences both, the elites and even the most ordinary human beings, in large numbers, into taking a 180 degree U-turn when it comes to changing their belief. Not only His eloquently spoken words, but His one compassionate look, His pure loving touch, His shower of blessings and His most effective teachings are all miraculous, for they ooze nothing but purity!

By establishing a connection with such an Enlightened One, when in human form, our body that had been a foe for endless previous births now becomes an absolute friend, as it is through this body that we attain Self-Realisation from the Enlightened One and get onto the path of ultimate liberation.

Human life is precious! It is with great difficulty that one gets born in a human form. One acquires it after having wandered through numerous other life forms, evolving gradually from a one-sensed living being to a five-sensed animal form. Eventually when one comes in human form, and thereafter develops birth after birth, it becomes possible for one to be released from the cycle of wandering.

In all other life forms, one only dissipates karmas, and it is only in the human form that one binds as well as dissipates karmas. The benefit of this is one can accumulate merit karmas, which helps one to develop spiritually higher.

The Soul has spent endless births to acquire this particular human life, in which one is able to meet the Enlightened One, the Gnani, who can bestow upon him truth, the ultimate truth, and place him on the path of liberation. Liberation means freedom from karma, freedom from all misery and suffering, freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death.

So such is the importance of human life! It’s like a gift which can lead to freedom, provided one happens to meet the Enlightened One. Therefore, always have a deep inner intent to come across a living Gnani Purush who can help fulfil the purpose of our human life.

“The essence of human life is to come into one’s nature of the Self (Soul), get awakened and remain only in the Self”, says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

And if we are lucky enough to meet a Gnani Purush, an Enlightened One, in this life, and acquire from him the knowledge of liberation i.e. Self-Realization, the purpose of human life is served. This is the reason why even the spiritually inclined celestial beings have an intense desire to acquire a human form and attain liberation from the Enlightened One!!!

So come let’s go to the Enlightened One now…


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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