How Can We Transform A Criminal Man To A Decent One?…

How Can We Transform A Criminal Man To A Decent One?

That which is happening today is a result of karma!

Everything that we experience through our five senses, throughout our present life is actually a result of our own karma (causes) that we bound in past life. The karma bound in the previous life are in the form of a plan, as though designed on a piece of paper. And later, when it materializes and comes into fruition, it is called fate (prarabdha).

It is through intention that one binds karma.

Eg. One may see some criminal in a movie or in real life, and may suddenly like certain aspect of it; due to which at the subtle level of his consciousness, he intends that, ‘I too want to become a criminal’. Because of this intention, one attracts respective karmic atoms in proportion to the intensity of his intention, and thus binds karma.

When you bind karma, the result will come naturally and automatically.

The law of Nature is such that if a person has bound karma of being a criminal in his previous life, then in this life he will automatically meet the circumstances that will eventually turn him into a criminal. Hence, to become a criminal is his fate today. It is the result that Nature has delivered to him by bringing together the required circumstances so that the plan made in his previous life can materialize.

The result is inevitable!

It just happens! But it so happens that everyone feels he ‘became’ a criminal although he has actually not done anything today to this effect. When he submitted his examination paper (made the intention of being a criminal) in past life, it was the cause. One does not have to worry now about the effect for it is the result, which is inevitable once the exam is given. The result is the effect. Yet the whole world is preoccupied with the effect, and strives to change it, when really it should be concerned about the cause.

This is where the person has a chance to reverse things.

While the earlier life’s plan is presently materializing today, one is simultaneously designing a new plan for future too. Here’s the place from where he can take a U-turn! If he changes his opinion within that his actions are indeed bad and that he wants to get off this wrong path and change for good to live a decent and honest life, then due to this intention, he will attract new karmic atoms accordingly and bind good karma based on the intensity of his opinion.

The change in opinion transforms a man from being a criminal person to a decent person.

Because of this new intention, he will become a decent, honest and humble human being in his next birth. This is the theory of karma! While you are doing something wrong outside, but if you have repentance for your wrong-doings and a pure intention to refrain from these wrong-doings on the inside, then you bind new karma that is good, based on your new intent. But if you instead rejoice over doing something wrong and strengthen your opinion in favour of it, then you will bind new stronger bad karma, the consequences of which may be even more severe.

Therefore, to transfer a man into a decent person, change your inner intentions!

Have a constant inner intent that, “May no living being be caused slightest hurt through my thoughts, speech or actions.” Include this in your daily prayer; and if possible, narrate this before God at least five times everyday so that it remains in your awareness through the day.

Thereafter, before going to sleep, close your eyes and check where all you happened to cause hurt to someone. For each instance that you may recollect, pray to the God residing in the person who got hurt, and seek forgiveness for your fault, saying, ”Oh God! So and so mistake has happened by me. Please forgive me and also grant me strength so that I do not do this mistake again.” The mistakes may still repeat; but do not worry; just keep seeking for forgiveness with sincere repentance in your heart.

After you attain Self-Realization, you cease to bind new karmas altogether

Once you become aware of who you are and what makes all of this happen, you will stop binding karma, forever. Gnani, the Enlightened One, graces you with this awareness by giving you the knowledge of Self-Realization. After you attain Self-Realization, you cease to bind new karmas. Once the karma ceases to bind, that is the end because only when new karmas are created, you have to experience their consequences.


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