How Can We Make Our Soul Strong?…

How Can We Make Our Soul Strong?

Soul on its own is strong; infinite strength is an inherent property of our Soul.

Yes, it’s a different thing that we are unable to experience its strength today. This is because although the Soul that resides within our body is completely pure and infinitely strong, it is surrounded by thick veils of ignorance and heaps of merit and demerit karma. It’s a fact that the Soul has never been contaminated by any Merit (Good) or Demerit (Bad) Karmas, but since they cover our Soul, we are not able to avail of the infinite properties of the Soul.

Our Soul is full of Divine Energy, Infinite Vision, Infinite Knowledge, and Permanent Happiness. The Soul is Immortal, Real and Permanent. This Soul is present within our entire body except for hair and nails. But yet, we have never realized that this Soul is our real identity. Now, that’s the main reason why we have yet remained unknown to the Omnipotent Soul.

Realizing the Soul

The veils of ignorance, that our Soul is surrounded by, do not allow us to realize our True identity. Therefore, we keep on taking birth after birth after every life and undergo dreadful suffering and unhappiness!

Owing to ignorance, since countless lives, we have had a wrong belief that, “I am this body named Mr(s). X (Your name).”

Why is this belief wrong?

The body gets old and cremated, so does your name. After death, nobody keeps our body. Also, our name is removed. Our family does not get carried forward to our next birth, nor does our home, property, job, or money. It means “I am Mr(s). X” is Mortal, Relative, and Temporary; full of Ego, Intellect, Anger, Pride, Deceit, Greed, Attachment, and Abhorrence. So how can this mortal self be our real identity then?

When we know that really ‘who am I?’, we realize our Soul, the strongest Soul, the immortal Soul is our real and permanent identity!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, says,

“One becomes Parmatma (Absolute Supreme Self) if he comes into the True Self even for a fraction of time.”

Ok, so what is the difference between Real and Relative identity?

Following the wrong belief of “I am Mr(s). X”, we bind Merit (Good) and Demerit (Bad) Karmas. Whether the karmas are good or bad, both of them are binding us to worldly matters.

With Demerit Karmas, we get a lot of suffering and bad relations with family and others. That makes us further bind new Karmas. On the other hand, Merit Karmas give us luxury and a good family in the next birth.

However, the very nature of any type of karma is bondage. Therefore, we cannot be liberated until karmas continue to bind. Be it merit karma or demerit karma; we remain trapped in the cycle of birth and death. It does not give us any freedom; it does not give us permanent peace and happiness; and it stops our liberation (Moksha).

On the other hand, when you start living as a Pure Soul, the worldly matters will not touch you. If someone insults you or even beats you up, you will not be disturbed internally. You will stay calm and composed within. You will see each living being as a Pure Soul, and therefore view them innocent. Whether someone insults you or gives you a garland of flowers, you will remain in equanimity without any attachment or abhorrence. You will not have any attachment towards the person giving you a garland of flowers, and you will not have any abhorrence towards the person who is insulting you. In both situations, you remain in equanimity. This gives us Permanent Happiness and Peace inside; and takes us to final liberation (Moksha).

Now, that’s the real strength of our Soul.

However, it’s only after realizing our real Self that we can remain in the awareness of the Pure Soul, which is strong and full of Divine Energy.

How can I attain the Real Self?

Today, due to Akram Science, we are able to attain Self-Realization very easily, as it happens directly with the divine grace of the Enlightened One. There are absolutely no charges or fees for this. Also, we don’t need to change our Religion or leave our Guru or family. This path is a stepless, shortcut path to realize our real Self, the Pure Soul. So, let’s go for it!

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