How Can We Deal With People Having High Attitude And Egos?…

How Can We Deal With People Having High Attitude And Egos?

“Every moment, somewhere, someone weaker is brutally jabbed by the stronger, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally too”! Is this statement a clear, prime hyperbole or a white crime of the real world? If we ponder over this question, surely a very despondent and affirmative answer crops in our mind and heart. It is unfortunate but the fact is that may it be a professional or personal front, most of us have passed through this daunted route, and few are still on and sadly haunted too.

Simply, as a human, do we all really know what is the sole reason for the mental breakdown, depression or emotional drainage, or vengeance in human beings? The true culprit is not anger or greed or any other visibly active vices but indeed it is the veiled and passive villain in disguise – Our own Attitude and Ego!

The stronger crushing the weaker is the most crude, obliterated and perverted form of Darwin’s Theory, ‘Survival of the Fittest!’, wrongly adopted by the high-attitude people, to the extent where weaker people get eventually depressed, or with no go, explode violently.

Like pollution, inevitable and ubiquitous, these high headed people too are everywhere and unavoidable. Be it an elementary school or elite scholastic pool, those who have a soft mind and heart are suffering due to the plagued mentality of superiority, camouflaged by attitude and ego.

Do we have any solution to this ‘mentality’ pollution?

Fortunately, yes! We are blessed to have the most basic yet completely scientific serene technology of inner consciousness, which ascertains our protection via the impregnable armour of the Akram Vigyan.

“Rain can’t be stopped, better use Raincoat”, such commonsense is the real solution! So, let us learn this simplest art of self-protection against dejection-rejection via the Akram Pearls granted by our beloved Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Akram’s Vow- Ego will Go if you ‘Know’:

There are two things in the world: either feeding the ego, or else shattering it. In this world, everyone’s ego is either being fed or being shattered. Nothing else happens apart from these two.

Wherever one has kept a hope to be respected, that is indeed where he gets insulted. So, all the hopes get shattered, then he feels broken. That is referred to as a Broken Ego. It is cracked! Just as there is a broken heart, in the same way, there is a broken ego. For how long will an insult hurt a person? For as long as he covets self-importance, for as long as one covets temporary things. When the fear of insults will no longer be there, no one will insult you. That is indeed the rule. The transactions (of give and take of insults) will continue as long as there is fear. When the fear leaves; the ‘transactions’ will end.

Gnani’s Knowledge Charmers are Protection Armour:

Tolerate It? No, Find a Solution:

To avoid clashes does not mean to tolerate. There is indeed no such law in this world that you have to tolerate because of someone else. There is no concept of tolerating according to Gnan (Knowledge of the Self). Examine through this Knowledge that, ‘The other person is a pure Soul. Whatever has come to me is due to the unfolding of my own karma, the other person is only a nimit (an apparent doer who is simply instrumental in the process of unfolding karma).’ Then this Knowledge itself will solve the puzzle for you.

People have seen the theory of doership, but they have not seen the theory of karma.

‘This man insulted me’ is a theory of doership and ‘he is cursing me as a result of the unfolding of my karma’ is the theory of karma. If one understands the theory of karma, he will not see anyone’s fault. It is the unfolding of your karma and the other person is merely a nimit. When he gives it to you, your karmic account has become cleared. When you have this solution, there is no need to tolerate anything!

Be Quarrel-proof:

Your nature should become such that even people looking for a quarrel will get tired. You should become such that absolutely no one in the world can depress you. If you become quarrel-proof, then there is no problem. Even if people want to quarrel with you or shout abuses at you, there will be no problems. And despite doing this, you cannot be considered thick-skinned. On the contrary, your spiritual awareness will increase many fold.

Adjust Everywhere:

Wherever people’s temperaments do not match, that is referred to as worldly life. For the one with this Knowledge, there is only one-way out, to ‘adjust everywhere!’ In a constructive policy, there is ‘adjust everywhere’ and in a destructive policy, there is a policy of ‘disadjustment’. Intelligence is that which enables one to adjust with the worst of people! The person who knows how to adjust to others, he will not have any suffering. So, Adjust everywhere.

Use Common Sense:

What is required to make worldly interaction pure? Complete common sense is needed, stillness and seriousness is needed. If one has common sense along with Self-realization, then he will be very radiant. Commonsense can be effective to the point where one can allow no ‘depression’ to occur, no matter how many insults he is subjected to.


By creating clashes, you are not only spoiling this life, but you are ruining your next life too! One should always do the ‘welding’ (patching up) whenever a wedge is created with anyone. It is considered a great quality of virtue to do the ‘welding’ for others, even if there is suffering and difficulty on the part of the one doing the welding. However, the one who wants to improve for the Self should weld in spite of the suffering!


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