How Can We Be Sure That We Are Carrying The Seeds Of Past Karma Into Our Present Lifetime?…

How Can We Be Sure That We Are Carrying The Seeds Of Past Karma Into Our Present Lifetime?

So often, we experience that suddenly some unexpected or unwanted event happens in life. For instance, a sudden avalanche sweeps hundreds of people away or an epidemic takes upon a huge toll; some die at the time of birth while some are born disabled; a few of us easily achieve a successful career while many even after a tough struggle fail to achieve desired gains. When we witness such circumstances in our own life, our mind questions, “Why this happened?”, “Why only I suffered when other people were rescued safely?”, “What was my mistake?”

Let’s take some more examples:

• Do you ever get unwanted thoughts?

• Did you ever get angry even when you did not want to do so?

• Have you ever ended up speaking something different from what was in your mind?

• Did it ever happen that you cooked a recipe that got burnt or came out tasteless inspite of your hard efforts?

One or more of these or similar events must have certainly taken place in your life even when you did not desire for the same. This means they were simply not under your control. They just happened! It is because they are the effects or outcomes that nobody could stop or change. This is how the principle of karma operates! Scientifically and logically, no effect can occur without a cause. It means the causes of the effects that we see today were laid previously. In other words, the seeds of karma were sown in our previous life, which bear the fruits in our present life.

How do we know if we i.e. the Soul existed prior to our current life?

Have you ever heard about some new-born baby having a hole in her heart or someone been born with a malfunctioning kidney from the start. This is simply an effect which they are given to suffer from the very beginning of their present life. So, when did the cause for this effect happen? Obviously, the cause was laid in the previous life. It means the baby, who we can see is suffering right now, has carried the seeds of past karma into its present lifetime.

According to the Indian spiritual scientist, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, the karma seeds, also known as causes, are responsible for the cycle of birth and death we are into. Our current life is an echo of our past life. All of the happiness, suffering and pain that we experience in our present life are the fruits of the merit or demerit karma that we’ve sown in our past life by making an inner intent for an occurring or occurred action. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan elucidates karmas by explaining its three stages:

1. Karma Seed (Cause): This is where you make an inner intent. For instance, in past life, you intended that ‘no child can be improved without you getting angry on him.’

2. Karma Fruit (Effect): This is when the charged intent comes into action through your thoughts, speech and behavior. Owing to this past life karma seed, you will end up scolding your children to improve them in this life. The anger simply happens, it pops out due to your past karma.

3. Result of Karma Fruit (Result of Effect): This usually follows the effect in the form of natural reward or punishment by Nature for the deeds committed. For instance, in the given example, the person scolding the child will face criticism from the surrounding people. So, the results of effect come in the present life itself. The result is good and pleasant if the intent or the seed of past karma was good and beneficial. Similarly, the seed of bad karma brings forth bad fruits.

Thus, our intention is the karma seed sown in the past life, whose tangible fruits come forward as thoughts, words or actions in our present life. And the end results of these fruits also come in this life itself. It means what we call as fate – luck or unluck is actually only the effect of our own causal karmic seeds. And there is no God required to give the karma results. It is just the different karmic atoms of greed, deceit, pride, and anger that we ourselves charged in our previous life as the causes, which get discharged as effects in our present life.

Furthermore, according to the law of nature, the timing of when the seed of a particular past karma will bear fruit, is also determined at the time of laying the cause itself. When it’s time for the karma to come into fruition, all the required circumstances for the same come together and the karma unfolds.

We are all carrying the seeds of karma that we’ve sown in our past lives

Owing to the seeds laid, we get a new body so that the seeds can come into fruition (actions). Our body too is a mere effect of the seeds of our past karma. When these karma get fully discharged, the body finally dies and we i.e. the Soul takes up a new body according to the seeds sown in this life.

At the time of death, people say, ‘this person left the mortal body’. So, who leaves the mortal body? Well, it is the Soul that leaves the mortal body and assumes the new body. The Soul is immortal; it existed prior to our current life, it exists during the present life, and it shall continue to exist in our next lives too. It is the body that dies, but we i.e. the Soul continue to exist. .

Our Soul is verily our real identity!

However, owing to our ignorance of really ‘who am I?’ we bind karma. Once we realize the real Self (attain Self-Realization), we are liberated from sowing new karma seeds and consequently we become free from the cycle of birth and death.

How do we attain Self-Realization? Generally, when we renounce the world and indulge into hard penance, as taught by our Spiritual teacher, so that we do not bind new karma and discard the old karma such that we are able to realize the Soul, can we attain Self Realization. However, in the present time, we are fortunate that Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self Realization has been discovered specially for us.

Through Akram Vignan, it is possible to realize the Self through direct grace of Gnani, the Enlightened being; without any kind of renunciation or external penance, fasting or chanting required from our end. This is indeed an exception that has occurred for people born in this era. So come, let’s take the advantage of it! To read more on this, you may visit


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