How Can Spirituality Help In Business? Does It Improve Nature And Communication?…

How Can Spirituality Help In Business? Does It Improve Nature And Communication?

There is a wide range of positives in integrating spirituality and business.

What is spirituality in business?

Spirituality in business means inculcating values of honesty, integrity and ethics at work. It implies treating one’s employees or co-workers in a responsible and caring way, while putting aside one’s greed, opinions and personal gains.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is based on the right understanding. Through Self-realization, our inner vision changes.

What does the wrong vision do?

It makes us see, “This person created loss for me; this person caused me a profit; this person insulted me; this person gave me unhappiness; this person gave me happiness, and so on.”

When we attain Self-realization, we acquire the real knowledge which makes us aware of ‘who am I?’ Through this knowledge of the Self, we are able to see the world as faultless, and we begin to see our own faults of ego, pride, anger and so on.

Also, we learn to deal with business matters, by applying the right understanding based on the spiritual science of money and the science of karma, so that the other people as well as our own Self (the Soul) is caused minimum hurt or harm.

Recognize the science behind money.

Some people believe that if they work extremely hard, they will be able to earn a lot of money, while others think that they can earn more with the use of their intelligence. If that were true, laborers would have abundant wealth. Moreover, if we could earn money with the use of our intelligence then the chief accountant in a firm would be wealthier than the owner. However, the reality is that money is a result of merit karma.

Earning money is never owing to the use of intellect nor is it the fruit of hard work. It is the reward of one’s merit karmas from one’s past life.

Money does not come through lying, cheating, hurting, being dishonest. Where there is no dishonesty through the mind, speech or body, money is abundant. Dishonesty is an obstacle to wealth. Deception is an enemy.

Continue working hard and let money flow naturally into your life. Put in all the effort, but do not chase money.

Employee or co-workers relationship

Treat your workforce or co-worker with integrity, care and respect. There is a pure Soul within every living being and if we hurt them, then that hurt in pain giving karma will come back to us. This is how the law of nature works!

See the pure Soul within every living being. This helps break the wrong opinions we have for people.

Maintain a deep inner intent not to hurt any living being to the slightest extent through our mind, speech and body.

If we happen to hurt someone, then we must first and foremost ask for forgiveness from God, and try to reverse the hurt caused. This process helps twofold: we will feel lighter, and the person concerned will not harbor a grudge against us.

Through spirituality, our relationship at work improves vastly. This is because we view the world from the perspective of the Self.

What does the Self do? It helps see our faults. Before Self-realization, we only saw faults of others, and blamed others for our shortcomings.

Moreover, after the knowledge of the Self, we gain a deeper understanding of the principles that govern money and how karma plays an important part in our life. This helps enhance our business ethics and our working relationships.


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