How Can Spiritualism Help To Combat The Impacts Of COVID-19?…

How Can Spiritualism Help To Combat The Impacts Of COVID-19?

Over the last few months, life has changed for everyone worldwide, due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

There has been an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty as the lockdown has put a hold on everything, right from personal to social and to work life too. Given the level of ambiguity and uncertainty about how life will look tomorrow or in the next week or after a couple of months from now, the level of anxiety that many of us have experienced in past few days has been very high.

The sacrifices required have been big, whether it be risking personal health and safety to provide them to others, or missing an opportunity to celebrate once-in-lifetime events such as marriage, etc., or even losing an esteemed job.

In the face of the financial and physical stress brought on by Covid-19, it may have been difficult for many to maintain their emotional and spiritual health. However, in this time of crisis, Akram Vignan’s (Spiritual Science) principles and practices prove very helpful in taking care of one’s self in the most spiritual and practical ways.

Let us explore a couple of them here:

• Stay Positive – no matter how bad and challenging these times may seem to be, Akram Vignan teaches us to stay positive. When negative thoughts crop up in our mind, we must immediately clear them with pratikraman i.e. ask for forgiveness from God. Spiritual science is built on positive thinking. When one stays and thinks positive, one feels mentally and physically healthier. Moreover, positive thinking invites positive evidences, and eventually the positive event happens – that is the law of nature!

• No one can contract the corona virus unless it is in one’s karmic account to happen so. With this right understanding, one can do away with a lot of fears.

• If one does contract the virus, then ask for strength from your faith to be able to cope up with the pain and that too without having disdain for the virus.

• Instead of spending time worrying, being stressed and scared and living in the fear of ‘what if’, utilize your time in praying for people’s well-being and that this tough time that the world is facing passes away quickly so that the world returns to normality.

• People who are in the role of frontline workers and believe in spirituality are advised to pray to God every morning / night before going to work, asking for the strength and protection so that they can perform their duties sincerely and fearlessly. Furthermore, while dealing with patients, they must see the pure Soul (God) within them and pray for their speedy recovery and also ask God to grant them the strength and energy to cope up with their pain.

• Rather than remaining worried for loved ones, spiritualism teaches to pray for them, by asking the Pure Soul (God) residing within them to give them the strength to be able to cope up with the current situation positively and strongly.

• Wherever possible, one must try and help or support in whatever way they can to make a difference in the life of those who are affected by Covid 19 situation, the disadvantaged, those struggling and the elderly. The help could be in the form of prayers, food bank service, donations, shopping errands and many other ways. Never look down upon people who are able to help in a very small way, because it is a drop that goes ahead and makes an ocean. Regardless of how trivial it may seem to us, every contribution goes onto ultimately make a massive difference to someone.

• The spiritual principles teach people ways to ensure a harmonious family life during lockdown:

– Be patient and willing to understand the point of view of others.

– Avoid criticism and conflicts between family members

– Have open communication if you are facing some problem

– Think about others’ feelings

– Maintain as much routine and normality as possible

– Forgive others and yourself

– Be helpful and supportive of each other

• Realize this is a transitionary period which we all have to endure. Just like after night, day follows, these circumstances too will change and normality will return into our life.

To summarize, the present Covid-19 situation has brought forth unprecedented conditions; but Akram Vignan gives us simple keys, which if applied into our daily life situations, will bring about positive results. This science helps us stay strong, positive and united with humanity no matter what the circumstance be.


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