How Can Someone’s Energy Dissipate…

How Can Someone’s Energy Dissipate

There are phases when thoughts just overflow our mind like how a tea overflows in a cup! Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts! The mind is overcrowded with all kinds of doubtful thoughts leading to panic attacks, chest pain, choking, increased heart beats etc.

Thoughts are something we cannot stop, avoid or suppress, as by doing so, we increase our suffering exponentially only to make our condition worse. Research has shown that there is a steep rise in the amount of mental disorders like: Generalized anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder and the list just goes on. If we try analyzing the time when we are too tensed and surrounded with endless worries, we realize how it makes us feel lot more exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally as well.

Have we ever wondered about why do we get so drained out due to endless amount of worries and anxieties? Why do we feel we have no more energy to take any step forward? Well let’s weigh the answers:


When a thought about any single thing keeps hovering over our mind again and again, it leads to worry. And worries give birth to anxieties. Our wellbeing is most importantly dependent on our mental health. Anxieties lead our brains to exert three times the effort with lots of revolutions going round the head. It’s like the wheels of a super-fast train rolling on the tracks endlessly to catch the speed!

For example, suppose I have been trying tirelessly to succeed in my job interview only to encounter failure. This is just an example; there can be other grave situations too. Presently, say, I have given the interview and am awaiting hopeful results. But my mind is helplessly thinking only about what will happen, what if I fail, this will happen, that will happen, I should have done this, I shouldn’t have done that…

Our mind and body go into an over drive on a particular subject as our mind is constantly thinking about what will happen if a situation doesn’t end up well, like we discussed above? When we are clueless or dreadful about what the future has in store for us or just scared enough to not accept what the destiny will conclude for us, our mind just doesn’t get pacified.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan tells us that when our minds are not pacified with a solution and we find ourselves clinging to only one thought, making us obsessive about it, we need to pacify it immediately or else it will not allow us to stay at peace.

This is because our mind and intellect are so powerful that the moment it doesn’t get an internal solution, it wrecks an internal earthquake within, which leads to immense amount of energy getting drained just in search of getting the desired answer to the problem.

This leads to our internal, mental and physical energy getting exhausted with each and every additional thought in that line, thereby, leading to panic attacks and anxiety.


Coming out of anxieties is difficult but not impossible. The solution is to pacify the intellect and mind with positivity as positive vibes yield positive results. Knowing the root cause of such thoughts and such, anxieties and reactions is also very important.

Nothing is going to happen right away. Then what’s the use of worrying, thinking about the future?

Being In the Present is the most effective key to internal peace as per the teachings of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. Doing our part of the task and then letting Nature do its part is the way to remain in Present and thus escape worries.


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