How Can One Overcome Sufferings And Pains In His/Her Life?…

How Can One Overcome Sufferings And Pains In His/Her Life?

While most people envy individuals with greater success, fulfilling friendships and a vast amount of money – no matter who you are looking at, they too are suffering. The richest and most successful people are also having to suffer. And the poorest and least conventionally successful individuals also are suffering.

What is the reason why people suffer and experience pain?

The science of karma states that whatever we encounter or experience in this life is the result of our own past karma that we have bound in our previous lives. And in this life, when the time is right, karma unfolds automatically. Therefore, the pain and suffering are a result of karma from your previous life which is yielding its results in your current life.

So, what can we do to overcome suffering and pain in this life?

Every morning, recite the following sentence five times with a sincere heart, ‘May no living being be caused slightest hurt through my mind, speech or body.’ The power behind reciting this sentence is that you are changing your previous intent of hurting others, be it knowingly or unknowingly, to not hurting others at all.

And when anyone is hurt for any reason whatsoever, then do pratikraman i.e. ask for forgiveness. This is a very powerful tool that removes the hurt or pain you may have caused to someone. Pratikraman removes the effects of vengeance and hatred within us and positively transforms our relationships.

To ease the suffering and pain, chant the following mantra for fifteen minutes or more – D-A-D-A B-H-A-G-W-A-N N-A A-S-E-E-M J-A-I J-A-I K-A-R H-O! This mantra has helped thousands around the world during extreme periods of suffering and has provided them with inner peace and solution on how to endure their current circumstances with equanimity.

Above all, do not look for justice, as everything that happens in our life is a result of our own causes, there is no one to blame. There cannot be an effect without the cause. If we apply this logic to our everyday life, it allows us to remain calm and poise around the complex events that take place in our lives.

These steps are a great place to start and by implementing them, you will experience immense inner relief. They are a starting point to experience inner peace from suffering and pain.

How to remove suffering and pain forever?!

Whilst you continue to be the owner of the body and name, suffering will continue. It’s because of the false understanding that suffering occurs. But when you attain the knowledge of the Soul, which is your real self, everything falls in place.

Only when you realise the answer to the question “Who am I?” your wrong belief will stop. Subsequently, being in the realm of the Self, you will not experience any suffering and pain when they occur.

It is the body that is bound by karma and that is why it is suffering. However, you believe it is happening to me. Because of this false belief, you feel its effects. But when you attain the knowledge of the Soul from a Gnani (fully enlightened being), the wrong belief is fractured and the right belief sets in that, ‘I am not this body, I am a pure Soul.’

Once awakened, this awareness never leaves. When the experience of “I am this body” goes, new karmas cease to bind. You obtain not only the knowledge and awareness of ‘who am I,’ but also realise ‘who is the doer.’ This is the ultimate solution to overcome the sufferings and pains in life, and above all, get rid of them forever!


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