How Can One Destroy Self-Created Bad Thoughts?…

How Can One Destroy Self-Created Bad Thoughts?

Thoughts are basic to human existence. There are many thoughts that come and go in our mind. But when negative thoughts come, they make us feel quite low. And then arises a desperate urge within to purge those thoughts out of our mind!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Akram Science, has beautifully explained about the mind and its functions. Let us learn what it is…

Mind is like a radar that projects thoughts; all kinds of thoughts: good, bad, positive, negative, clean, ugly, etc. It extrapolates thoughts about any given situation we are in. Eg. while travelling in a car, the mind may express a thought that what if the car meets with an accident? We easily get engrossed by these bad thoughts and drown ourselves into the pool of fear and suffering.

Here, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan gives very good techniques to deal with thoughts in general:-

1. Remain separate from Mind

We get upset because we think that I am the one who is having this thought. No, the reality is that the thought is in the mind and we are separate from the mind. Once we have this conviction, it becomes easier to move ahead in the process of getting rid of these thoughts.

How to get this conviction? Let’s read the next point, which is the most important point!

2. Attain Self Realization (Gnan)

Attend the Self Realization Ceremony. Here, Gnani, the Enlightened One, makes you realize that, “I am a Pure Soul and my nature is only to see and know.” With this, your belief, ‘I am indeed the one who is having this thought’ also drops. And then, it becomes easier to keep the mind separate. And remaining in the awareness of your true Self i.e. the Soul, you begin to see and know the negative thoughts, without any new attachment or hatred towards it.

After you attain Self-Realization, it becomes easier to apply the following solutions as well, although you can start applying them even now.

3. Understand how the Bad waste or Negative Thoughts Were Created- Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains that any kind of thought erupts in our mind because in our past life we have given opinions to that effect. For example, you meet some person and opine that he is so unworthy. Now, that opinion is noted within. And when similar types of negative opinions get stocked up within, they accumulate to form a tuber that gets carried forward to the next life i.e. our present life. And when the time is right, a particular situation occurs and one thought erupts from this tuber saying, ‘He is so unworthy’, and then another thought and yet another. This is the way we get overwhelmed with negative thoughts in life due to the negative opinions that we’ve given in the past regarding a person, thing or a situation.

This understanding forewarns us that our present negative opinions are creating a bad waste for the future. Similarly, as and when we’ve given any positive opinion in past life, a tuber of such thoughts too gets generated and passes over to this life. Consequently, we notice positive thoughts emerging in our mind. Thus, the type of thoughts that we are experiencing presently are essentially a result of the type of our past opinions.

4. Say, Noted the contents!

Now, when the mind displays bad thoughts, converse with it, “I have noted the contents, show me something else.” Eg. Thoughts of losing your only job arise. Then, converse with the mind saying, “I do notice the situation. Let’s see how the situation can be solved.” Mind always expresses stuff that it feels is frightful in the future. So while giving due respect to the thought, we do not get involved with it so as to lose out our golden present moments!

5. Do a division of Negative Thoughts

When we get involved with our negative thoughts, do you know we are actually multiplying those negative thoughts? Yes! and if not increase, they at the least remain intact! But while the negative thoughts continue to cloud our mind, if we keep repeating positive affirmations: ‘This person is really worthy enough or this thing is good indeed’; then it not only stops further multiplication of negative thoughts, but also helps quick division of the existing stock of negative thoughts with the positive ones.

Another way to do this division is to pray to God, “Oh God! Please give me supreme strength to conduct my speech, thoughts, and actions in a manner such that it does not cause slightest hurt to any living being.”

6. How much to think- Worrying implies we are thinking beyond a normal limit. It is pointless to worry over thoughts! Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, these thoughts are just like pamphlets displaying some information. Yet, if the bad waste or negative thoughts seem to be really bothering us too much, writing all of it on a piece of paper, and later tearing off the paper and putting it in a waste-basket, could get a lot of dirt cleared out of our mind!

7. Open mind – Many a times when we meet someone having a viewpoint different from ours, we generally feel, “I am right” and land up harnessing negative thoughts for the other person when he does not agree with our viewpoint. Here, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan advises us to keep an open mind and give positive affirmations to ourselves, “He is right according to his viewpoint or It is not necessary that he should also think exactly the way I think, etc.” This technique immediately prohibits the seed of bad thoughts from growing and helps us get rid of them there and then!


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