How Can One Adopt Brahmacharya By Body And Mind?…

How Can One Adopt Brahmacharya By Body And Mind?

For some, brahmacharya (celibacy) is a way to feel more centred; and for others, it is to have a greater purpose in life. Either way, celibacy can help move one’s attention away from relationships or sex, and turn it inwards to the inner Self (the Soul), thereby allowing them to focus on their personal or spiritual development. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are many turning their attention to adopting celibacy.

So, when one is 100% certain that one wants to adopt brahmacharya, what is the best way to pursue it through our mind and body:

Decide what is it that I want to gain from celibacy. Analyse the pros of celibacy and the cons of sexuality.

Our intent plays a massive part. Therefore, we should have a deep inner intent to practice celibacy and should ask for strength from God to be able to practice it with a sincere mind, speech and body. Remain sincere to your goal and strong.

If you happen to have sexual thoughts, stay strong. Then, sincerely and repeatedly, repent for any attraction or thoughts or desires that occur in the mind, speech and body, which are against your goal; and decide never to let it happen again.

Instead of controlling the thoughts of sexuality, find out the causes that trap your mind in sexual desires and immediately cut off the link with them, by repenting for it.

Oppose sexual thoughts. When they occur, keep on saying ‘I do not agree with what you are telling me. You follow your goal, and I will follow mine.’

Celibacy should be adopted with understanding.

Avoid the company of those who do not help you follow your goal of practising celibacy. If you can, try to associate with people with a similar goal so that you feel inspired and share and learn the same practices.

Beware of social media and such distractions. They will draw you away from your purpose in life.

Be wary of what you eat. The type of food we consume plays an active part in our goal of celibacy.

Read material that helps and supports you in achieving your goal of celibacy.

Recite this powerful sentence three times a day: “Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me infinite inner strength not to have, or cause someone to have, nor encourage anyone to have any sexual desires, feelings, or gestures towards any living being, be it male, female, or of neutral gender.” Do not get upset if you cannot follow what you’ve just prayed for. All you are doing here is asking for strength; this strength will accumulate within you and make you succeed in your goal.

The above suggestions will help and support you in adopting brahmacharya by body and mind.

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “One begins to be free of the disease (of the sex), from the moment he or she opposes sex.” Repent for any sexual thoughts, desires and gestures that occur in the mind, the speech, and the body. This is a starting step towards celibacy.

The mind is not to be suppressed; the mind is to be conquered. To conquer means to win. If two people argue, then who is likely to win? One who wins by making the other understand, because then, the argument comes to a complete closure as the other is not harassed, isn’t it? And if we were to win without making our mind understand? Then, the mind will not listen and will instead react at some point of time.

The ultimate right understanding comes through the knowledge of the Self. The knowledge of the Self subdues the mind totally.

It is not that after Self-realisation, you immediately stop having sexual thoughts. But your opinion for these passions changes to: ‘They are not worth pursuing’. With this, your inner self i.e. your mind, intellect and ego begin to become inclined towards brahmacharya. And as your inner self turns towards brahmacharya, the external pursuit for pleasure too sheds off automatically, in some time. All desires ultimately fade out in the presence of our real Self (the pure Soul that we really are!).


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