How Can I Stop Manifesting Negative Energy And Attract Positive Energy When I Have A Negative Mindset?…

How Can I Stop Manifesting Negative Energy And Attract Positive Energy When I Have A Negative Mindset?

The negative energy could manifest in different ways. Now, let’s study the ways suggested by the Enlightened One to attract positive energy amidst a negative mindset.

Ignorance of the Self – Come out of it.

The negative energy manifests due to ignorance and negative intellect. (Through Akram Vignan), first of all, ignorance will dissolve, and you will get Self-Realization. Then, you can dissolve the negative intellect by right understanding. Slowly, slowly, the negative energy will dissolve, everything (negative) will go away. So first thing is you have to come out of ignorance.

(If one asks you), “You are really John or your name is John (you may insert your name here)?” What will you say? John is your name or you yourself are John?

You say, ‘My name is John.’ Then you say, ‘I am John.’

You say, ‘This is my house.’ Then you say, ‘I am house.’ Is there any contradiction?

‘This is my car.’ Then, ‘No, I am a car.’ Is there any contradiction?

‘My’ means ‘belonging’. It implies that the owner (of the belonging) must be separate. When you say, ‘This is my car’, you are not a car, you are the owner of the car. (Likewise) my hands, my leg, my head, my body… Who is saying, ‘This is my body’? – That ‘I’ has to be realized, that is the biggest ignorance; a blunder. So, that blunder has to go away. In the Gnan ceremony (of Akram Vignan), we get Self-Realization of ‘who am I’ and ‘John is separate from you.’ Mind, speech, body, ego, intellect, everything – the collection of the entire karmic account is John. You are pure Soul – you will get that realization. Then slowly, slowly, all the negativity will go away.

The Negative Vision – Develop your vision to see from the other side too.

We must understand that our ego and our intellect are seated high above, (like) on a horse, “This person is bad. That person is wrong. I am good, the world is bad.”

Negativity is actually a vision of ours, ‘See how bad this person has done’. But actually if we were to ask that person, “You did this bad thing?” He’ll say, “No, these people asked me to do like this, that’s why I did.” So, he hasn’t done it deliberately; owing to circumstances, it happened so.

(When negative energy manifests, we may say,) ‘Why did you come late? Every time you come late. You don’t care for time. You always spoil the work.’ The other person will say, “My circumstances were such. I got held up in traffic. I had set out from home at 10am, but half an hour got spoilt in traffic only.”

We are seeing him as faulty, but in so many matters, one has not done it purposely. One has done it because circumstances were so. So when negative energy manifests that, ‘this person is doing like this? Every time s/he does it like this’, if we understand that, ‘No, it happens sometimes, and sometimes it may not. It is due to circumstances that this happened, hence the other person is not at fault.’ In this manner, develop your vision to see from the other side too, ‘I believe it to be like this, but something else too could be the case.’

(In another instance of negative energy manifesting), ‘This person is getting so angry!’ Hey, earlier, a couple of people provoked him, therefore he got angry. He’s not doing it with a purpose. Something of this sort happened. (Possible??) Or they snatched away his belongings and began to scold him, hence he retaliated.

(Our negative vision shows) ‘This person is like this only’, but is he really like this?

No, it is owing to circumstances; subject to karma, etc. – in this manner, if we learn to see things impartially, then we can understand that a person is not doing any fault on his own, it is due to the force of past karma or certain circumstances, that faults happen. Hence, it is not worth seeing anyone as faulty. We must not see the negative of others. By applying such right understanding, it is possible to revert (from a negative mindset).

Self-Negativity – Stay positive through different ways prescribed.

If intellect shows negative, we must prepare a list, ‘what are the positives? let me see.’ That will bring about a solution. Negative means the intellect is doubting, ‘What if this will spoil?’ So, bring about a solution, ‘Is this possible?’ Then, confirm with a couple of people. If they say it is ok, then proceed ahead.

When a thought that, ‘What if the work will spoil?’ is constantly nagging you, then slowly decide on one (of the tasks) and complete it sincerely, ‘Whatever has to happen will happen, I will get to experience.’ Finish the task-at-hand sincerely, then you will gain experience and the power of confidence will keep increasing.

Determine to join into something positive, creative and constructive because insecurity is the root cause (of negativity). Take on the path of right knowledge. Chant the name of God, worship God, do physical exercises too – yoga, pranayam, walk, exercise. Then, you will gain some normality. If you are believing, ‘I am unwanted, my self-confidence is low’, it’s not true. Ask for strength from God and do your work. When you complete your work sincerely, you will experience that ‘okay, I am able to complete little little tasks sincerely.’ Slowly, slowly the strength (positivity) will increase. Believe in your mind, ‘God is with me, my parents (or other family members) are also with me. Come on, whatever work I take up, I have the support and co-operation of everyone, hence it will be done.’

It is the mind that keeps showing positive and negative. But don’t get scared by mind. Converse with it, ‘No matter how much negative you show, I don’t bother. I shall follow the path shown by the Enlightened One. I will adjust everywhere. Oh God, please give me strength.’ Consequently, the power of the negative mind will get to pieces and our power of intent shall keep increasing.

And arrive at a solution, ‘I may have sent two negative words earlier, so these two words came back to me. Let me credit them. And now, I will not send new negative words to anyone, so my karmic account will square off.’ Doing so, the balance of our karma is getting over. So in fact, we should be grateful to the person abusing us. See positive that, ‘Good he helped complete my karma. I am grateful to him.’ While respect is food, abuse is vitamin (for one who wants to progress ahead. Good, I got vitamins free of cost.’ By seeing the positive, our energy will slowly keep increasing.

If we have with us 100 negatives and 1 positive, then bring out that 1 positive, the rest of the negative will fall off on its own and our life will be filled with positive energy. In life, both negative and positive shall continue to exist. We, like a magnet, have to always stay positive. Then, positive circumstances will arrive on their own, because by remaining positive, positive circumstances accumulate.


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