How Can I Improve My Concentration And Focus On My Studies?…

How Can I Improve My Concentration And Focus On My Studies?

Our focus gets lost owing to our distractions such as getting heavily engrossed in use of electronic devices, continuously talking to people or focusing elsewhere like being engaged in listening to music, etc. In today’s world where technology is pervasive everywhere in your life and as it keeps you connected every moment of your life, it becomes further difficult, especially for students to concentrate on their studies.

Here are some really good tips that actually work!

• Find a quiet, electronic-free area to study

To reduce distractions, you could leave your phone in another room, distant from you. And to ensure you do not succumb to the temptation of your ‘phone and other electronic devices`, you could also hand these over to a family member for safe keeping! Let your family know you are studying and ask them to help you establish a quiet zone!

• Look after yourself

Being physically healthy is vital. Eating unhealthy food, not drinking enough water, not sleeping enough, not doing enough physical exercise and not getting fresh air, all put together can have a negative impact on your power to focus on any particular thing. You could create a spreadsheet to tabulate your intake for each one of these and place the print of this spreadsheet somewhere where you will look at it on a daily basis. Spend at least two weeks being healthy and do not have any such distractions, and you should see a difference.

• Create the intent and mindset that you want to study

Your mindset also plays an important role in being able to focus. You must decide that I certainly want to study properly so that I do well in my exams and get admission into a good school which will help me learn more and fetch a good job in the long run. Try making a list of ten good reasons why focus on studies is important, and then take onto reading religiously.

• Develop positivity

Instead of thinking ‘I can’t concentrate. I will not be able to do this revision. I will fail in my exams’, believe in yourself; say, ‘I can and I will’. Think out some creative methods by which you begin to find your studies interesting and easier. If this works, it shall lead you to an upward spiral whereby you will enjoy studying and in turn secure better marks too.

• Seek spiritual health or meditate

You can even pray to your God, by saying aloud with your eyes closed, ‘Oh God, please give me infinite strength and concentration to be able to study well’. Asking for strength for ten minutes per day shall bring good results. And visualising each letter that you say in your prayer, shall ensure further improvement in concentration power.

A small meditation each day will help still your wavering mind and bring you good peace. This will help you focus your mind on your studies and shall allow you to cope up with distractions too. There are a multitude of online apps that help you practise meditation.

Following these very simple tips regularly and sincerely will go a big way in making you far more focussed and concentrated in your studies; the key factor being your firm determination that you really want to concentrate on your studies and be more focused. So remember, it’s entirely up to you! The solutions are simple – you only have to apply them.


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