How Can I Get Suicidal Thoughts Out Of My Mind?…

How Can I Get Suicidal Thoughts Out Of My Mind?

The best thing is you want to get the thought of suicide out of your mind. And where there’s a will, there is always a way! So come, let’s ponder over how we make this possible…

First of all, why do you tend to plan suicide? I’m sure there must be some disturbing reason for it. But do you know suicide is never a solution to any problem? This is a very important fact that we need to establish in our mind, for one generally has a misconception that putting an end to life automatically means bringing an end to those problems that otherwise don’t seem to have any easy or obvious solution.

However Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “A person may die by committing suicide but he will have to come back to pay off his (karmic) debts and obligations. As a human, one is bound to face difficulties, but does that mean one has to commit suicide? The consequences of committing suicide are extremely serious. The Lord has forbidden suicide because its consequences are very grave. One should not even think of committing suicide. Resolve to pay off whatever outstanding karmic debts you may have, but do not even think of suicide.”

It is because when one commits suicide only once, in reaction, one has to face similar conditions that lead to suicide again and again in next few lives, sometimes even for seven lives.

The science behind this is: A drastic, severe action such as suicide leaves behind long-lasting deep impressions on our mind. These impressions are called sanskara. Every such deep sanskara takes seven to eight lives to exhaust. Yes, seven to eight consecutive lives! Just imagine, when you are finding it difficult to face the current situation just once, how will you face similar situations seven to eight times?!

Instead, here’s what you can do to get your life back on road:

Write down your entire problem on a sheet of paper, detailing every aspect of what’s really bothering you! Doing so, you will find a lot of relief.

Next, from this narrative that you’ve penned down, identify all the blame factors, be it people, situations or circumstances that you feel are responsible for your misery. The fact is that every situation or person that one encounters in life is actually the result of one’s own past mistakes. But owing to the past life sanskaras, negative thoughts of such high order arise within you.

However, don’t worry! Gnani, the Enlightened One, who has solved millions of problems of various people and households, suggests that when with a clean heart, we ask God for forgiveness for our mistakes, “Oh God! I am sorry I have made these mistakes. Please forgive me and give me strength so that I do not do these mistakes again”, this will slowly wash off all our mistakes done in past. There is tremendous strength in this prayer. Doing it sincerely, daily for about an hour, brings great results. It will also greatly help eradicate the sanskaras, which propel you to plan suicide every day.

After this, if you still see your problem not solving, try connecting with Gnani!!! With great compassion in heart, Gnani pleads to everyone who is going through a problem like you, “Do not ever attempt to take your life, no matter how much you are suffering. Endure it. If ever you notice suicidal tendencies arising within, think of me and come to me, and only then do it if you still wish.”

With Gnani’s guidance, you will not only find a right direction in life but will also gain the right understanding of how to live life with the right purpose and belief inside. Follow the link to get there

Wishing you all the best in life! 👍


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