How Can I Find My True Self?…

How Can I Find My True Self?

You are able to find out who you really are through Self-Realization.

On the Akram path, one attains Self-Realization directly with Gnani’s grace!!!

In just two hours time, you will attain the experiential knowledge of the Self. This process is known as Gnanvidhi, which is totally hassle-free and completely free of cost too.

On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna imparted the divine Vision to a devastated Arjuna. By utilizing this divine Vision, Arjuna fought in the war and also attained moksha in that very life. That very same divine Vision is received by those desirous, on the Akram path. In Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s two hour Gnan Vidhi ceremony, the wrong belief is fractured and the right belief sets in.

Through the divine Vision, relatively, the outer packing is seen (which you feel has been constantly changing), and with the real Vision, the pure Soul within is Seen (the real Self that never changes).

That which is being shaped or changed by the environment is the relative self. That’s not what we really are. That is only a packing. There are different types of packings; however, the goods within is only of one type, ‘pure Soul’. That’s who we really are!

In Gnanvidhi, we get the knowledge of really ‘who am I’

In Gnanvidhi, we get the right understanding that, “I am not John (you may insert your own name here); I am a Pure Soul.”

The mind, speech and body are the ones that undergo change. However, they are of John, not yours. You, the real Self, the pure Soul, are totally separate.

John is the relative self. John’s life is managed by the karmic account it has brought forward from previous lives. However, at every step of life, we believe that, “I am doing.” Due to this wrong belief, we become one with the mind, speech body, intellect, ego, and therefore we remain involved with the karmic account baggage.

In Gnanvidhi, with the grace of the Enlightened One, our wrong belief gets fractured and the right belief sets in automatically, “who am I, what are my properties, what are my qualities, how I am separate from mind-speech and body, what is my function, how to keep awareness of Pure Soul in this body’.

So, in Gnanvidhi, we are getting the knowledge of the real Self i.e. who am I, what are the temporary things in this body separate from my Self, I am permanent, all the rest is temporary, how the two are separate.’

The mind, speech and body, the entire John (please insert your own name here) is made up of the element of ‘matter’; whereas the real Self is made up of the element of ‘Soul’. The Soul never undergoes any change; such is its inherent nature. Whereas the property of the element of matter is to constantly undergo change. The change begins, the change ends; another change begins, and that too ends.

After Gnanvidhi, five cardinal principles are explained by the Enlightened One

These principles help us protect the right understanding, the right awareness.

The knowledge of the pure Soul that we get in Gnanvidhi is protected by the five principles, because we have not yet finished our worldly karmic accounts. So with help of the given five principles, we can keep the awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and can finish all karmic accounts with equanimity. This is how the five principles are helping our awareness of Pure Soul, the right belief.

Since time immemorial, we have had the wrong practice of seeing ourself to be the packing. That’s what we thought we really are. But now that we have the right vision, we now have to continue to set this Vision. Eventually this practice solidifies and become natural. Then, samadhi (a state that remains undisturbed by the reactions of the relative self – John) will constantly prevail because that’s the nature of the true self.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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