How Can I Find A Real Spiritual Master? Is There Any Enlightened Soul Living On This Earth?…

How Can I Find A Real Spiritual Master? Is There Any Enlightened Soul Living On This Earth?

Having a living Master to guide us on the path to enlightenment – what else could one ask for?! It is one of the highest blessings for any living being, and more so human beings, to meet a real Spiritual Master in their life! A real master is the pure vehicle through which we can connect with God in its true meaning.

How can I find my spiritual master?

Firstly ask yourself, “Am I really willing to have a Spiritual Master in my life”?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

There is an old phrase that “When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear”. If we have a genuine desire to find a real spiritual Master, not in mere words, but if it’s a sincere and real cry of our Soul, wanting to see the enlightened Soul from the deepest of our hearts, he will walk into our life for sure. Such is the law of Nature!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan advises that a spiritual Master should be One who we think makes our heart happy, whom our eyes accept, and with whom we believe we’ll feel peaceful forever.

The aura and blessings of a spiritual Master brings the entire psyche and the being of those in his presence into balance. One who seems ego-less, who is seen to have oneness with the Divine and with humanity at large is the real Spiritual Master. One naturally longs to be there with him, sit in his company, and one day become one like him, Absolutely Egoless!

The real Spiritual Master will always teach to not remove flaws with anything or of anyone, for he is ever-keen to steer us only in the right direction. The right direction is one which takes us towards liberation from all kinds of sufferings. At every step of life, he shares with us the right understanding so that we can overcome the current hardships and surpass the obstacles we have already built onto our path out of our ignorance, with a positive mindset and an upbeat mood to progress!

Is there any Enlightened Soul living on this earth?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has said – “Only if someone opens the door for us, can we have the vision of the Absolute Supreme Soul. This door has been closed shut in such a way that no one can ever open it by himself. Only the Gnani (Enlightened being) who has become free from all bondage can help others attain the same.”

So, the Living Gnani is the Enlightened Soul you are looking for!

Gnani is a Self-realized Soul, having the ability to impart Self-realization to others as well. Gnanis are the greatest spiritual scientists of the world. Gnani resides in the Self, experiencing constant inner bliss. Nothing can waiver this bliss. He is completely free from the attachments towards worldly or material life.

Just like a goldsmith is needed for the separation of gold and copper from a ring, similarly Gnani is required to separate the Soul and the body. Gnani destroys our demerit karma and separates the Self (Soul) from the non-Self (body, mind, ego, intellect, etc.), and thus graces us with the right vision. The suffering that we experience in life today is because we do not have the right vision. And no one but the Enlightened Soul living on this Earth can give this to us. We need a living Gnani alone to bless us with the right vision of ‘I am a Pure Soul.’

After Self-Realization, by remaining in His shelter and following his words with complete sincerity, we gradually progress towards liberation (Moksha), even as we continue to fulfill all our worldly obligations whole heartedly. We do not have to forsake or renounce anything except our ego; which once surrendered in the lotus feet of the Enlightened One, we become totally safe forever.

A real spiritual master knows no other language but love and compassion. To find such a Master at the earliest, you can make a firm resolve to not hurt any living being on this Earth through your thoughts, speech or deeds. And in case you happen to hurt anyone, you immediately seek forgiveness from God for doing this mistake. You may also pray to God expressing your ardent desire to meet the Living Enlightened Soul as soon as you can. These things will help you get to the Living Gnani soon.

I have met Pujya Deepakbhai, the Enlightened Soul living on this Earth. And I pray to God that ‘May you too meet this Enlightened Soul living on the Earth soon, very soon!!!’


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