How Can I Escape A Life Full Of Depression?…

How Can I Escape A Life Full Of Depression?

Depression is not just about having a blue mood for a few days; it’s a feeling wherein sadness, hopelessness, aimless life and thoughts of self-harm stay in for extended periods of time ! Suffering is a regular visitor draining us down as we are unable to stay in the present and live our routine life!


It all begins when one experiences a train of negative thoughts that seems to be overpowering his entire being. It causes him to feel downhearted and low all the time! Do you know, these negative thoughts appear because one perceives that the situation or the other person is against him. The nagging disease of self-blame also starts from the moment one has taken things in a negative way. And this negativity is nothing but a compulsive reaction to something that didn’t happen our way.

There may come certain situations, where we are given to visit statements like: “You are worthless; a hopeless fellow; you don’t know anything.” These insulting and incapacitating statements, over time, may drive us to doubt our own self, “Am I like this? Am I actually worthless? Why do I always face bad situations?”, and over a period of time, we too start believing that we are actually this way, totally worthless !

Our opinions and thoughts turn towards the negative, which give rise to inner suffering and restlessness! Our negative reactions to situations that we find unacceptable result in a fractured mental state. Damaging thoughts like: “What’s the point in living, when I always face failure only with people/ situations? I am completely useless, I have no right to live!”, if continued, could lead one to suicide as well !

Let’s look at a permanent fix in a scientific way, to this grave inner conflict:-


Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has solved this disease of depression by cutting it from its very source. He has explained that the one who experiences depression, self-blame or negative thoughts, is not me!

The fact is that the one who is depressed, the one who is deeply hurt from within, is one’s EGO and not him! The depressive thoughts are actually an effect of the karmas (causes) bound in last life! Whatever we experience with our five senses in this life, are just the effects from our past lives that are delivered to us through various evidence!

Yes, numerous evidences are needed for such kind of things to take shape. So, don’t blame yourself as presently, you are just one of those evidences!


The next question then is, that ‘Who am I in this? What is my true identity?’

The scientific fact is that really, You are a Pure Soul, which is divine, permanent and pure! The one who is facing all kind of depressive thoughts is your ego.

This is easily realized in just two hours, in the Self-realization Ceremony, initiated by the Enlightened One of Akram Science, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan! In this ceremony, the Soul is separated from the Ego, through a scientific process. After separation, we are able to fight against each of our inner enemies, that may have led us into depression!

This process changes our inner state without altering the outer circumstances. Thereafter, you will not feel depressed or elevated as the ego is separated from the Pure Self!


After attaining Self realization, the depressive thoughts begin to lose their strength, from the moment you say, ‘these thoughts are not mine.’ They cannot overpower You now!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says:

“There is no place or circumstance in this world that can depress You (the Self). If you surrender everything here, after attaining Self realization from us, you will not have any depression or elevation! Such is the powerful effect of this Spiritual Science.”


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