How Can Ever Lasting And Real Happiness Be Created?…

How Can Ever Lasting And Real Happiness Be Created?

Your question is very healthy as you are clear in your mind as to what kind of happiness you would want to have.

Good! So let’s begin…

You are looking for lasting and real happiness! And you may perhaps know that real happiness can come only from the Pure Soul and the instruments that enable the attainment of the Pure Soul.

Pure Soul means pure knowledge and vision; and this pure Soul in itself is an abode of the real and eternal happiness! However, the Soul cannot be seen; it can only be experienced; and to experience Soul by no means is a child’s play!

Therefore, until we are able to experience the Soul, Gnani is our Soul!!!

Gnani means the Enlightened One i.e. One whose Soul is already enlightened. Gnani is one of the most prominent instruments through which we actually reach to our Soul.

Even someone, in whom most of the properties of the Soul are totally covered, when comes in the contact of Gnani, the properties of knowledge and vision of the Soul manifest! It is because Gnani is the living source of knowledge (Gnan) and an inspiration of the real love (Pure Soul).

We meet various people in life, but the effect that we experience on meeting Gnani is very different and so magnificent, which can never be forgotten. Listening to his words, seeing his appearance and expressions, and staying in his company automatically generates happiness, love, peace, trust, and harmony in our entire being; and this slowly, slowly regulates all our physical, psychological and spiritual functions, including the neurotransmitters’.

First, one comes in touch with the words uttered by Gnani, and he immediately falls in love with them. As Gnani’s words flow, they continue to mark big impression on our heart, as they are nothing but real knowledge.

These words convey the authentic spiritual principles and the extract of the essence of his own experiences on this path, teaching us how we too, like him, can breakfree from the worldly bondages and progress on the same path of salvation. His words keep triggering the relevant neurotransmitters as they kindle in our entire being a desire to go on studying them more and more in order in order to understand them more deeply and correctly.

The sweetness of Gnani’s words makes us anxious to see and meet him in person. And over time, this anxiety gets converted into a longing desire as we become very desperate to fulfil this wish of ours! With the right merit karmas coming into fruition, we finally happen to meet the long-awaited circumstance of meeting Gnani in person!!! And a mere glance into Gnani’s eyes makes us experience the splendor of serenity within.

Prolonged periods of worldly stress can deplete neurotransmitters’ levels. But Gnani’s darshan (seeing him) is so very soothing that it calms every aspect of our being and makes us feel very happy. This automatically helps regulate our neurotransmitters to maintain the normal levels.

Getting regular darshan of Gnani now creates a deep urge in us to stay in the company of Gnani all the time. Gnani’s company has the coolness of the Moon due to his unsurpassing love and compassion for every living being. Hence, everyone in his presence feels the bracing tranquility of this coolness.

This coolness too is so soothing that one does not wish to be away from the Gnani even for a moment. Even while He is away, He is constantly on our mind. With his blessings, we feel his subtle presence very vividly that he is very close to us, right next to us! This gives us the feeling of contentment that He is with us. And it is at this point that we sincerely wish to become one like him, one like he wants to see us be!

His presence has great impact on our progress! We attain the real knowledge from Him and staying in His company, getting to see him daily, and studying and following his words sincerely, we finally begin to experience the lasting and real happiness to some extent. This happiness comes as we, in the shelter of Gnani, learn to dwell in our Soul, which is an abode of eternal happiness.

Hope this answers your question to your satisfaction!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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