How Can An Ordinary Person Tell If A Person Is Genuinely Spiritually Enlightened Or Not?…

How Can An Ordinary Person Tell If A Person Is Genuinely Spiritually Enlightened Or Not?

Religious leaders teach religion, but finally they too say, that, “If you are keen in seeking the Soul, please go to Atma Gnani (the Enlightened One).” When asked why so, their reply is, “because I have come to transform the one doing immoral conduct to become one with a moral conduct. But for the path ahead, you may contact Atma Gnani.”

How do we recognize Atma Gnani? And how can we tell that he is a genuinely enlightened person?

Such a person is easily recognizable just like a bright glowing light. He emits a ‘fragrance,’ a spiritual presence that is quite widespread around him. His speech, his behaviour and his humility are such that conquer our mind.

You would be filled with wonder and admiration for him! Your heart would accept him immediately and your mind will continue to remain captivated.

A genuine desire to become free must be there in you!

To find an Enlightened person is indeed a big deal. However, the one that desires liberation will get everything.

But those who have a desire for recognition, fame and importance, who expect the preacher to show respect towards them, ‘Come in Sir, please come in, come in!’, such people would take longer. They have to wander, since in them the fascination for the sweet taste of getting respect is pretty high! Accordingly, they would find people who feed them respect and they would keep relishing the taste of respect, not realizing that in the process, they are eventually missing out on the genuinely spiritually Enlightened person (a Satguru).

Once we find a Satguru, there is an end to our spiritual seeking!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan advises that if observing the worldly interaction of an individual who otherwise preaches good things, sways our commitment towards him anytime, then we must investigate in detail whether our doubts have a basis or whether they are unfounded. Yet if we do not feel comfortable, then without annoying him, we should find another person. With this approach, some day we will find the real one.

He says, “You should immediately clarify with him, ‘I will stay with you for six months and I will do as you tell me to. If by then I have not gained any benefits, I will leave.’ You should ask him respectfully, “Sahib, if you are liberated, please tell me so? I want liberation too.” You will find the right place if you search in this way. It is because you sit in places without asking, that you have wandered for countless lives until now.”

Once we meet the Satguru, there is no need for any qualification of ours

The fact that we meet a Satguru is in itself, our highest merit karma. We only need to carry out the instructions that he gives us for our progress on the spiritual path then; there is no need to qualify.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan in fact cautions, “Those with qualification feel in their mind, ‘I understand everything!’ Therefore, qualifications cause one to have an intoxicated ego of ‘knowing’. One should understand and get rid of any element of intoxication of ‘I know’ that one may have. Intoxicated ego gets in the way of meeting a Satguru. The so-called qualified people usually keep their distance, whereas those with lesser qualifications will say, ‘Sahib, I have no common sense. I am leaving everything unto you. I am now in your hands. You find a solution.’ That is all you need to say. The Satguru does not ask for anything else, nor does he look for any other qualifications.”

If you have the intent of complete surrender, then your work is done!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan further guides, “Total surrender to the Satguru is needed. If you find a Virat Purush i.e. a person who can dissolve your ego, then you should surrender to him. If you feel that he is a great man and all his deeds are outstanding, then you should surrender to him. If you find such a living person, then your liberation will be instant.”

It’s a rule that to whomever we surrender our intellect; we attain the energies of that person. If we have surrendered, then we attain everything of his. Just as we join two tanks with a pipe, then no matter how much water is in one tank, the other tank will bear the same level of water, such is the power of samarpan (surrender)!

If the Satguru is an Atma Gnani, Then You will Never Forget Him!

If the Satguru is an Atma Gnani, then he would be an instrument for the attainment of the bliss of the Atma (the Self, the Soul). Then, He is real and you would never forget Him, once you’ve seen him.

The knowledge (Gnan) that the Satguru gives is also real. With the real only, the bliss of the Self (the Pure Soul within) begins, which is the ultimate happiness. The worldly happiness is temporary and is limited only to the mind. One who has Gnan is an instrument for the attainment of the bliss of the Self, and one who doesn’t have Gnan is an instrument to give happiness to the mind.

We need the kind of Satguru whose ego has gone. Only then will our ego go away. A bhed-Vignani (one who can separate our real Self from the worldly self) is one in whom there is no ego or intellect. A bhed-Vignani is a spiritual scientist who can separate the Self and the non-self! Such a person can destroy our karma and can make us ‘see’ the Soul. He makes us experience our real Self (through Self-Realization). Such a person is beyond all scriptures. So look for such an Enlightened One who has attained moksha himself and who sets out to give moksha to others. He is the only one that can give us moksha (ultimate liberation).


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