How Being A Yoga Teacher Helped Set Me Up For Motherhood…

How Being A Yoga Teacher Helped Set Me Up For Motherhood

Let’s be real. Compared to the constant go-go-go of managing a yoga studio, teaching classes, mentoring other teachers, teaching private clients, and curating social media (while trying to cultivate a work/life balance too!), Motherhood isn’t exactly the shock I’d been lead to expect. And I have my yoga teaching and practice to thank for that!

Here are some ways yoga has equipped me for motherhood:

Early rising? Thanks to years of teaching Sunrise Yoga, I’ve got plenty of experience being able to rise (and shine!), even when the pillow seems tempting. Just like I’m inspired by my students to be fully ON for classes, my newborn is my priority, even in the wee hours of the morning (or night).

On-demand awareness. Yoga has taught me to tune in, to notice my surroundings and inner workings, and reside in the present moment. A skill that I’m cherishing as I know these sweet (and challenging) moments with a newborn won’t last forever.

Patience. In yoga we highlight slowing down, being in the moment, and releasing expectations. With a baby in my life, the value of these is highlighted, rushing isn’t an option, there are lots of unexpecteds, and I must be open to this concept of baby time.

Snacks are crucial. Keeping something delicious and nutritious on hand is a must when I’m on the go, and even more so as I’m nourishing our son too! While I’m not currently moving from class to class, my meal times are still a bit unpredictable, so having snacks on-hand is key (and there’s a lot more one handed eating these days too).

And last but not least—The perfect wardrobe IS stretchy pants and sports bras. Comfortable clothing, that I still feel cute in, is a must for motherhood!

While there’s sure to be surprises in store as I continue in this journey of motherhood, thus far, thanks to yoga, I’m feeling well equipped!


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