Home Remedies Worth Considering…

Home Remedies Worth Considering

If you’re looking to stay in the best of health this holiday season, consider some natural preventatives and remedies to keep you feeling in tip-top shape without over-the-counter medication. Mother Nature was the original pharmacy, so turn to her as one of the surest ways to feel great and stay healthy.


There’s a reason why peppermints are offered after a meal in many restaurants. It’s not just for your breath. Peppermint has been known to reduce the effects of indigestion too. Peppermint aromatherapy can ease certain types of headaches as well as reduce sinus congestion. Drinking peppermint tea could help reduce menstrual cramps because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive Oil

There are many types of olive oils on the market and some are infused with extra flavors for cooking. Olive oil has so many healthful properties that many people take a teaspoon or two daily to help improve blood health and for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Olive oil may help prevent strokes and heart disease. If you’re considering consuming more of this natural ingredient, read Gundry MD olive oil reviews for suggestions on how to incorporate it into your daily diet.

Raw Honey

Honey has long been known as a natural cough remedy for children over one and adults. A teaspoon of honey taken without liquid (so it can coat the throat) has been shown effective in relieving a cough. Honey can also be used in the wound care of minor cuts. Place a small amount of honey directly on the injury and cover with a bandage. Many people add local honey to their diet to help relieve allergies from nearby plants.


Long known in Asian culture as both a delicious ingredient to many recipes and a healthful addition to a daily diet, ginger is a bit of a wonder spice. There is much research supporting the idea that ginger is a great anti-inflammatory additive and an antioxidant. It’s a natural remedy for those suffering from morning sickness. Ginger has been shown to help with weight loss and reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. Early studies show that it also helps lower blood sugar and can improve heart disease risk factors. It truly is an amazing little root.

Green Tea

Just like ginger, green tea is rich in bioactive compounds that helps protect cells and molecules from damaging free radicals. Some studies support the idea that green tea can boost your metabolism and thus your fat burning rate, making it the drink of choice for dieters. Several research studies have shown a connection between drinking green tea and a reduced risk of developing breast, colorectal and prostate cancers.


Cinnamon shows up as an ingredient in many home remedy recipes. To help ease the symptoms of the common cold, some people swear by the mixture of cinnamon, honey and pink salt. For insomnia, many light sleepers make banana cinnamon tea. Boil a peeled banana with a dash of cinnamon, strain and then sip an hour before bedtime. The ancient Egyptian considered cinnamon a noble spice and its list of powers is extensive including lowering blood sugar, cutting the risk of heart disease, acting as an anti-inflammatory and protecting your cells against free radicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a huge following of fans and claims many health benefits. Among those are that it reduces belly fat, acts as a natural laxative, lowers blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity. Apple cider vinegar is packed with vitamins, helps you feel full and contains only three calories per tablespoon making it a great weight loss supplement too.

If you’re on any prescription medication, it’s safest to consult with your doctor before adding in a home remedy to the mix in case there are any negative interactions. However, adding a cup of green tea to your diet, switching to honey over sugar or picking up an extra peppermint after a meal could provide you just the amount of relief you need for what ails you.


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