Holistic Healing For Acrophobia: Rooted In Trauma Before Birth…

Holistic Healing For Acrophobia: Rooted In Trauma Before Birth

Career crisis caused by acrophobia:

Mr. Xu worked in an American company R&D department. Due to his hard work and accomplishment in product development, he got promoted and chosen for an advanced program to work in the U.S. headquarter for a year.

But Mr. Xu had very serious acrophobia. Once he was on a flight, he would become so anxious, scared that he may scream.

However, his company made a travel plan for him and a few other colleagues in the program altogether by flight. They couldn’t buy him another ship ticket separately. If Mr. Xu wanted this good promotional opportunity he had to take the flight.

Holistic treatment by Emotional release therapy:

Mr. Xu found me in despair.  By the guidance of emotional release therapy, he visualized a picture: A mother with blue clothes was crying by her bed. A young girl was sleeping under the comforter.

This mother’s husband was arrested, she was pregnant for 3 months and she suffered from health conditions. She didn’t have any income or financial resources. She worried about the future and felt desperate.

She tried to commit suicide by standing on a chair when the clock on the wall turned to 9. When she was about to hang herself on the ceiling she heard her daughter wake up and cry.

She walked to the bed to take care of her girl. Then she changed her mind. She needed to live for her daughter and unborn baby.

Mr. Xu was crying while describing the whole story. Finally, he burst into tears.

I asked him:” Who was the mother?” He said” my mother.”

“ Who was the girl?” My sister.”

“Who was the unborn baby?” Mr. Xu replied with a shaking voice “It’s me.”

After therapy Mr. Xu told me as a child he was very clingy to his mother. He also  asked me: “ Is what I visualized hallucination or reality?” I replied,” Ask your mother.”

The next day Mr. Xu and an old lady in a wheelchair come together to visit me in my office. That old lady was Xu’s mother. She told me:” Dr. Bao, You are amazing! I was very surprised when my son asked about my suicide a long time ago. No one else knew it! The clothes, the furniture, the clock were all as he described! “

Acrophobia disappeared after emotional healing :

Two weeks later, Mr. Xu successfully took the flight to the U.S. without acrophobia symptoms. Once his flight landed, he called me saying he arrived safely and that he didn’t experience any discomfort in the flight.

Mr. Xu’s acrophobia is rooted in his mother’s strong emotions and feelings in pregnancy when she wanted to suicide. Such an emotional imprint is a very strong mental impact we cannot handle at the consciousness level.

Emotional cell memory from past events could pass down in genes. Cell memories with” illness feature”, or which could potentially cause illnesses, could get triggered by “environment informational match” and show up in the human body as illness/symptoms.

Emotional release therapy focuses on the root cause of illnesses. It releases the emotions, clears the cell memory, fixes the biased cognition from emotional cell memory, unclogs the energy blockage, and helps people restore to health.

The conception of emotional cell memory:

  • Emotions from past events stay in our cells as energy and information.
  • The energy is from our emotions generated from that past event. It has a certain Frequency.
  • The information includes what we received from our consciousness, and what we received from our five senses (what we see, what we hear, what we smell, the sense of taste, and the tactile sense).
  • The emotional cell memory with both energy and information stays in our body. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory.

Emotional cell memory is created by emotions. And Such cell memory will be triggered When we come across situations similar to what our five senses received from the past event. It would trigger similar perceptions, beliefs, and assumptions, similar behavior responses, and similar feelings and emotions.

Sometimes one strong emotion would cause a sudden breakout of illnesses. As emotional cell memory gets triggered many times in our life,  accumulated emotions would lead to energy blockage, pathological reactions, and illnesses.


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