7 Ways To Zen Your Home…

7 Ways To Zen Your Home

Your home is typically the one place where you feel the safest and most at peace. You can slow down, take a break from the hectic world and reconnect with yourself. Therefore, it’s important that you create a harmonious, soothing environment that will encourage you to be truly present and mindful. A Zen-inspired home design will fill your home with an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity, perfect for attaining your inner peace.

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1) Let a soothing palette calm you

A Zen-inspired design brings peacefulness through the use of subdued, calming hues. Since Eastern philosophies promote getting in touch with nature and establishing a unique connection with your surroundings, soft, nature-inspired tones can be used for your design base. Earthy tones will capture the spirit and calm of nature, enabling the Zen vibe to consume you. Thus, when choosing a color scheme for your Zen home, you should turn to soft, understated shades that can create a rich look, especially when illuminated by natural light.

2) Let nature inspire you

The sense of being one with nature can be reflected through your home décor. This is known as shizen, or naturalness, a principle that will bring you closer to the natural world. A simple way to achieve this connectedness with nature is to use plants as one of the most beautiful embellishments in your space. You can create small green corners around your home that resemble Zen gardens. You can use charming Bonsai trees, a collection of tiny succulents, bamboo plants, and other natural accessories. Combining them with smooth natural stones and water features will provide you with a true natural oasis.

3) Let simplicity guide you

Simplicity, or kanso, is yet another principle of Zen-inspired design. Just like minimalism, this principle entails removing unnecessary items from your home and creating an ambience of simplicity. By removing clutter from your home, not only will you implement the kanso principle to your home, but you’ll also create a more peaceful, open atmosphere in your Zen home.

However, simplicity doesn’t only refer to creating a clutter-free environment. It’s also one of the defining characteristics of different Zen-inspired design elements, especially furniture. Your furniture should feature clean, simple lines that will set the tone of effortless beauty in your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for a modern furniture design. Whether you pick an Asian-styled or a modern piece, make sure that it fits in the overall Zen design.

4) Let wood keep you warm

Zen design celebrates natural materials, featuring an organic look. Wood, in particular, is one of the most popular materials that offers a world of design opportunities. Bare wooden flooring will stand perfectly against the backdrop of soothing neutral hues. Wooden details and accents, such as sliding doors, bed frames, and other elements, will bring in warmth and comfort to your space.

However, make sure to pick eco-friendly wood solutions to preserve the natural balance. Salvaged or reclaimed wood, bamboo and cork are all stylish and sustainable options that will help you design a space where nature is celebrated and protected.

5) Let a yoga corner motivate you

Yoga and meditation will put you on the road to mindfulness, happiness, and well-being. However, sometimes it’s difficult to take a moment for ourselves and gain a deeper insight into our own state of mind. Fortunately, you can easily motivate yourself to start practicing yoga or meditating regularly by designing your own peaceful corner in your home. A quiet spot for your yoga sessions and meditation will always invite you to take some time for yourself. It’s important that you find an area away from distractions and decorate it with soothing accessories, such as subdued lighting, calming fragrances, and soft candles.

6) Let natural light energize you

When illuminated by natural light, a Zen-inspired space truly becomes a peaceful sanctuary. The soft rays of sunlight will fill you and your home with energy and peacefulness. Thus, you should try to maximize natural light in your home by using simple window curtains without ornamentation. Bare windows are also an option in Zen homes, especially if they feature stunning wooden frames with rich texture. Keep in mind that natural light is what will accentuate your color palette and create an ambiance of calm.

7) Let imperfections charm you

Finding beauty in the imperfections around you will render you with a truly authentic home design. You can achieve this by balancing symmetry with asymmetry, and embracing wabi-sabi style. Wabi-sabi encourages you to embrace the imperfect and use pieces with innate, authentic flaws. This style will give your home a slightly lived-in flair, adding to the comfort of your space. From handcrafted decorations to wrinkled materials, wabi-sabi celebrates imperfection and the passage of time. A Zen-inspired home design will provide you with your own sanctuary where tranquillity, authenticity, and nature dominate.


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