5 Simple Ways To Promote Mindfulness In Your Home…

5 Simple Ways To Promote Mindfulness In Your Home

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As we buzz through our busy schedules, more often than not we forget to take a step back and reflect on our actions and surroundings. Bringing balance and harmony in our lives is one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical well-being. ‘Stop and smell the flowers’ isn’t just an expression – it should become our routine to count our blessings daily and truly appreciate what we have.

Being mindful means being in balance with the universe, and to achieve it, you may want to start by transforming your living space. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of five different ways you can promote mindfulness in your home – read on to learn what they are.

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1) Declutter and decorate in a minimalist way

One of the first things you need to do when creating a more mindful home is to get rid of unnecessary things. Most of us have things we don’t really need or use on a daily basis, but we store them anyway just in case we need them. What happens is all those things just continue to pile up and create even more mess while we delay the cleanup for someday. Someone once said that someday is not a day of the week, and we couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Therefore, it would be best if you’d start decluttering as soon as possible. Clutter is a huge no-no in homes that aim to promote mindfulness and the way you decorate it also needs to be mindful. Display only the things that spark joy and keep it minimal in order to fully appreciate those few things you truly enjoy having.

2) Use a neutral color scheme for a serene vibe

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Colors have a big impact on how we feel, and dominant colors in the room dictate how we perceive our living space. Loud colors like red, orange and yellow are colors that create cognitive noise, which can prevent you from relaxing completely. In order to create a space that reflects peace and mindfulness, it is best to stick with neutral hues. Warm, earthy tones such as brown, beige, and muted green are all great color choices that will create a calming atmosphere in your living space and make it look more balanced.

3) Use scented candles to create a soothing atmosphere

Our surroundings have a strong impact on how we feel, and what we absorb through our senses can change the way we perceive our living space. Lighting a couple of scented candles is something that will help you relax and unwind after a busy day. Indulge all your senses by observing the flickering dance of the flame and enjoying the subtle fragrance lingering in the air.

Candles are a staple in spas and salons for their calming effect and ability to infuse the space with balance and tranquility. They are also a cheap and easy way to elevate your living space and create a soothing atmosphere. Consider buying beautiful wholesale candles to make your space look warm and inviting, thus creating a home you’ll be eager to return to.

4) Bring nature into your home by adding greenery

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Reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to achieve mindfulness. Use greenery to induce nature into your home and create a pleasant space to spend your time in. Indoor plants are very practical since they purify the air by absorbing all the toxic pollutants from the air and turning them into oxygen.

Other than being a functional addition to your living space, plants also have a therapeutic effect – nurturing your houseplants gives you a chance to channel your stress and get rid of negative feelings. Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, and the Snake plant don’t require much attention but bring so many benefits that you simply must get them to make your space more soothing.

5) Detach yourself from work and remove distractions to relax more easily

After a long day of work, all we want to do is relax and unwind, and your home should be one place where you can do that. Don’t bring your work home – it will only cause unnecessary stress and prevent you from being at peace. Instead, make a mental note that once you enter your home, you need to stop thinking about work.

Also, be sure to remove any distractions that may impede relaxing. Keeping your space clear of distractions such as TV, laptop, and smartphone is crucial for creating a more mindful and relaxing space. Cultivating a home that is more mindful means taking a step towards living a harmonious, easy-going lifestyle. Use our tips to turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary and create a space you will enjoy spending time in.


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