Set Yourself Free: 5 Ways To Create A More Conscious Living Space…

Set Yourself Free: 5 Ways To Create A More Conscious Living Space

You’ve likely read about conscious and compassionate living more than enough, and have seen these terms used often. Being conscious today refers to being aware of our standing not just within our own social circles but in relation to the world itself. Meanwhile, having a more compassionate home is about choosing products that do not contribute to cruelty, environmental damage, and exploitation.

If you wish to embrace this way of living, here are some pointers that will help you achieve that.

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Becoming More Aware of The Modern Dangers

It would be impossible to adopt a more conscious lifestyle without first acknowledging the near omnipresence of so much technology. Many people cling to technology tightly because they have become dependent on instant gratification they get from social media and online interactions. Recent findings suggest that increased dependence on social media is not a good thing, especially for younger people.

A report last year from The Atlantic quoted statistics from a survey funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Per the report, eighth-graders who spent 10 or more hours on social media per week were found to be 56% more likely to refer to themselves as unhappy compared to those who don’t visit those websites as often. Eighth-graders who describe themselves as “heavy users” of social media have also been found to increase their risk for depression by 27%. This isn’t really surprising, as social media doesn’t portray real life, but the best possible version of that life. What happens in real life, especially the negative aspects and daily struggles that balance our lives is often left out, leaving only positive and great events. This can lead to a false impression that everyone except you has a perfect life.

Technology Doesn’t Affect Just our Behavioral Patterns

And while we can achieve much by actively limiting our use of technology, there is still the issue of being surrounded with so much of it. There seems to be a lot of talk about dangers from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that various technology around us emits. EMFs are produced by household items such as radios, smartphones, and remote controls. They fall into the category of non-ionizing radiation, as opposed to ionizing radiation that’s emitted by x-ray machines or gamma rays produced by cosmic events such as solar flares, or human-made sources such as nuclear fusion and fission.

The World Health Organization, states that “…there is no doubt that short-term exposure to very high levels of electromagnetic fields can be harmful to health.” And while there have been numerous studies on the effects, the results were inconclusive. Radiation emitted by smartphones is said to play a role in children suffering from headaches, and contributes to issues such as lack of sleep, and might have a role in the quality of sleep (shortening deep sleep which is crucial for rest). Still, many of the effects contributed to EMFs were also present in those who were not exposed to so much of it. The questions about what biological effects can come about from a prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields still remain unanswered.

What Can Be Done to Reverse the Adverse Effects of Increased Technology Dependence?

Adopting a more conscious lifestyle and creating a more compassionate home is one way to go about it. Here are tips for how you can accomplish both those goals:

1. Understand Your Role in the World and Begin Making Positive Contributions to It

You will not be able to become more conscious if you can’t even understand what it is that you are supposed to be doing. It is important to become cognizant of what you can do as a member of society and how you can leverage your resources to affect positive change. There is a great amount of selfishness in the world, and by simply doing little things to improve your immediate environment, you can counteract all that self-centered energy.

2. Shield Yourself from Negative Effects

Even if you stop picking up your smartphone regularly and spend less time watching television, the chances are that EMFs will still be present in your home. In order to counteract the EMFs that have settled within your place of residence, you can go out and get a salt crystal lamp. Salt crystal lamps possess the ability to produce a negative electrical charge once they have been warmed up by a low amount of heat. You want that negative electrical charge inside your home because it effectively neutralizes the EMFs.

3. Go Vegan

By now, people are well aware of what industrial farming practices have done to generations and generations of animals that are bred to be sources of food. If you no longer want to contribute to that cycle of cruelty, then going vegan is what you need to do. Thankfully, going vegan is much easier these days with the amount of accessible and sustainable food options on the market. Even if you cannot convince the other members of your family to adopt a vegan diet, you can at least try to get them to commit to having a “vegan day” once per week. In the long run, something like that can make a huge difference.

4. Fill Your Home with Ethically-Crafted Décor and Pieces of Furniture

In order to create a more compassionate home, you can’t stop with just adopting a cruelty-free diet. You can do more by choosing only ethically-crafted pieces of furniture. This article from The Good Trade highlights 10 different companies that are committed to ethically producing their items. On top of that, those companies have created some absolutely stunning items that would simply look good in any home.

5. Exercise and Meditate

With today’s fast-paced way of life, it can be easy to forget just how good it feels to exercise regularly. Take the time you need and find an activity that will help you get your mind off worries and rejuvenate you. Yoga is a good choice, especially if you have a desk job. It will help you stretch and reduce pressure on your neck, shoulders, and spine. In addition, you will learn important breathing exercises that will be beneficial if you decide to take up meditation as a way to relieve stress. The only way to make such huge changes stick is if you commit fully to each and every one of them. You cannot afford to make compromises because then you will leave the door open for regression. The world around us can indeed be scary, especially with prevalent forms of technology distorting the way we behave and the way we live. We are not powerless, we can combat the ills of the modern world.


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