Using Light Energy For Good Feng Shui…

Using Light Energy For Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of creating a harmonic environment in a space in order to allow energy to flow freely through. Having a good energy flow in the home brings health, wealth, and happiness. Light, as the greatest source of all energy, is one of the basic concepts in Feng Shui. Here’s what you need to know…

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The Importance of Light

Light is the source of all life on our planet. The food we eat is available to us and nourishes our bodies because of the light that has grown it. Plants synthesize nutrients from light using chlorophyll. Animals and humans depend on plants to survive; hence everything is dependent on light. Vitamin D is synthesized with the use of sunlight and is essential to you for the maintenance of your bone structure. Staying for too long without sunlight develops vitamin D deficiency which can lead to weakness in the formation of the bone structure.

It is because of light that you can see and perceive the world around you. The colors you see are part of the light spectrum, and it is because of light that there is any color in the first place. The comfortable environment we are dispersed in is because of the light that comes from the sun. Light produces heat which warms the whole planet and keeps everything on it alive. Without light, our planet would freeze instantly. Light is responsible for the maintaining of our body clock, or circadian rhythm. All living things are affected by light. And now that you know how important it is, here are some tips on how to use its energy for good Feng Shui.

Creating Good Feng Shui

One of the essentials for creating a positive space within the home is opening the windows and curtains to let in more fresh air and sunlight. Opening up your home to the light and air you are opening it to the abundance of energy that is everywhere in nature.

Open Concept Homes

The open concept of homes is the new trend in home design. Owners have their walls knocked down to achieve the single-space effect, which automatically provides more light and an excellent flow of energy between different rooms.

Keep the Home Clean

Another very important principle in Feng Shui is keeping the home free from clutter. Having trash staying for a long time in the home, old things that are just gathering dust, and things that you haven’t used in months not only take up space and accumulate dust but also block the flow of energy in the home. What does this mean for you? – Bad energy within the home drains the people living inside of it.


It is one of the simplest ways to change the whole feel inside the home. Choosing the best color can be tricky! Colors of Feng Shui fall into the five categories of wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. A balance of all five elemental colors brings energy from all the elements into the interior.

  • • Fire – red, orange, purple, pink and dark yellow; brings warmth, supports your career and brings you recognition
  • • Earth – light yellow and beige; brings a sense of stability and nourishment
  • • Metal – white and gray; gives you clarity and mental stamina, precision and efficiency
  • • Water – blue and black; refreshes the energy in the home and gives a sense of serenity and abundance
  • • Wood – brown and green; health, vitality and growth

Artificial Lighting

On cloudy, rainy days, at night or if your home simply doesn’t have that much access to natural light, artificial lighting can help. Ambient, task and accent lights are used to light the home.

  • Ambient lighting is the general lighting within a large space
  • Task lighting lights the space for performing specific tasks such as studying and working at the desk
  • Accent lighting is used to light up different objects in the home to accentuate them. They can also be used to light up the home exterior.

It doesn’t end there. Choosing the right lightbulb determines whether the positive effect of artificial lighting is achieved or not. Lighting the outside spaces of the home, like the garden, patio, balcony and any dark spaces inside, can make the home feel like a whole new place.

Light accommodation within the home is essential to achieving a good atmosphere for living. Any dark spaces can be lighted with the proper lights to make every day in your home feel like a holiday. Maybe the lights on Christmas are what makes the atmosphere at home so special. Why not have this kind of warm relaxing feeling to your home every day?


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