Invite Serenity Into Your Home: How Design Can Improve Your Mood…

Invite Serenity Into Your Home: How Design Can Improve Your Mood

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No matter how much we try to complicate our own happiness, it’s pretty simple. A happy home means having a happy life. After all, your home is the place where you spend most of your time at, meaning that it deserves all the attention and decoration you can give it. With the perfect design, you’ll inspire positive energy to flow through your living environment, opening up your mind to the wonders of serenity and instilling unbreakable peace.

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The power of color

Believe it or not, color has a great way of influencing our mood. The science of colors is not new, as people seem to keep discovering ways color can bring serenity into their lives. The most neutral color your home can have is white. Though this color may inspire calm for some, it just makes others frustrated due to lack of creativity. For the second group, white can be the perfect base color. You can build a whole world of color on top of the neutral base.

Adding a splash of green will remind you of growth and success, while yellow will make joy and happiness more frequent emotions. If you’re looking for a deep calm, blue should be your companion. Those who want to feel a bit more passion in their lives should go for something bold like orange or red. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from combining these effects, either. Just make sure your colors match.

Less is more

Modern society is obsessed with ‘stuff’. It doesn’t even have to be useful, but if it looks pretty, it needs to go in your home. This leads to excessive accumulation of unnecessary things which just collect dust. Collecting dust is the least of the problems hoarding brings, though. Clutter has the tendency to suffocate you and make your home feel claustrophobic. To break free of the claws of modern society, use the principle of less is more.

Minimalism is a great practice for this concept. Strip your furniture to the level of functionality and let go of unnecessary decoration. In truth, this is the only way to set your mind free. A minimalistic design doesn’t have to be boring either, as you can introduce one colorful and bold piece as the center of the room. It will tie the place together and give you a cohesive design that constantly reminds you that happiness is a state of mind, not possessions.

Lots of natural light

A dark home is a gloomy home. You’ll need to introduce a lot of natural light on the premises if you want to bathe in the effects of serenity. No matter how much lamps you have now, artificial light has got nothing on the sun. Natural sunrays give us enough vitamin D, increase our energy levels, and make us more relaxed and more positive. Unlike artificial lights, natural light is great for both your eyes and your head.

The best way to introduce more natural light to your home is to make use of big windows.

Inviting nature indoors

Using the power of nature doesn’t stop with natural light. Adding plants indoors can also greatly improve your design and mental state. Regardless of how glad we are to admit it, we don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors with clean oxygen. Adding a few plants indoors can clean your air and let your lungs breathe optimally. The more clean oxygen your brain has, the better it functions. If that’s not enough, consider good air purifier reviews and buy a specialized air cleaner to help you tackle air pollutants, such as dust, allergens, mold spores, pet hair and etc.

Stress and worry will seem fairly far away, too, as you’ll be able to better process things that are happening in your life. From small desk plants to bigger potted plants that can fit your house corners perfectly, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air wherever you go. Plants are also the perfect way to add some color to your home.


People have long looked into the wonders of good home design. It’s a proven fact that our environment affects the way we think and perceive reality. Some environments you can’t control, but others you can make work in your favor. The design ideas above will help open you up to a whole new way of thinking as well as beautify your home.

You don’t even realize how much your current design is suffocating you, but soon, you’ll enter a world of serenity and happiness. May it serve you well.


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