10 Ways Your Home Influences Your Mindfulness…

10 Ways Your Home Influences Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness now plays a huge part in the wellness industry. It’s because mental health is also now considered a vital part of enjoying a happy life. The good thing about the ideals of mindfulness is that it can help you stay calm, be in the moment, and feel more at ease with yourself. One way to reinforce mindfulness and wellness principles is to begin with your own personal space – your home. So how can you use your home and its decor to influence mindfulness in daily life?

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1) Calming and peaceful colors

One way for your home to inspire mindfulness on a day-to-day basis is by having more calming and peaceful colors. If you want to be more mindful and feel peaceful every day, then avoid extremely vibrant and strong colors, like red and purple shades. Go for a calm and simple style as much as possible. Vibrant and strong colors only work for certain environments. If you are after a restful style and look, though, then avoid such bright tones. The good news is that calming colors do not necessarily mean you’ll get stuck with faded and boring shades. Note that some of them can still have bold effects provided you use them correctly and appropriately within a certain design scheme.

To achieve a more tranquil and spacious feel, you may want to go for chalky finishes and muted shades or tones. An example is combining soft sage green shades and muted stone and pale grays together. You can then pair this combination with a bold wall coloring, like charcoal. Alternatively, you can integrate a rustic brick toned feature wall.

2) Home decors/items with purpose

Your home can also influence your state of calm or mindfulness if it has objects, items, or decors that all serve a purpose. This means that every item in your home is not a result of impulse buying. Therefore, if you want to be more mindful, you need to think twice before buying a home décor, furniture, or any other household item. Make sure that what you are buying has a purpose.

Also, make it a point to buy items sparingly. You should only purchase an item if you truly need it or if it can have a positive contribution to your home. If you plan to buy a solid wood décor, determine the specific role it will play in your home first before making your final purchase. Find out the specific function that a piece will serve to your home.

A vase, for instance, might be important because it can hold flowers. You may also want to look into adding unique lighting fixtures at home if you plan to brighten up a certain space. However, remember that while it is essential to invest in purposeful objects so you can build a more mindful space, make sure that it still brings out the right balance between meeting your emotional and functional needs.

3) Having a meditation space

Your home can further inspire mindfulness if it has a dedicated spot for meditation. Note that even if you are still a beginner in the field of meditation and mindfulness, you can still benefit from dedicating a small spot or area at home without any form of distraction. This is a big help in clearing your mind. Once you have chosen a meditation spot or space, make sure to add a comfortable stool or cushion and a focus object inside. There should also be a place or object that can anchor your senses so you can attain the highest meditative state. The area should be surrounded with all items designed to make you feel mentally and physically comfortable.

Your goal is to create the space in a way that it lets you attain a more calming headspace. If for some reason you can’t designate a room for meditating then try looking for ways to make the entire household environment serene. For instance, you can build a nook specifically designed for reading. You may also want to put an inspirational quote on display to bring out your creativity.

4) Trademark scent

Make sure that your home has a unique scent that can help you become more mindful each day. Note that scents are powerful tools for memory recall. You can develop and add your trademark or signature scent at home to encourage home reflections or memory recall.

To develop a signature scent, get inspired by your favorite spots or places. In this case, you may want to experiment with some types of fragrances, incense, and candles. Once you find the right one, make sure to use this aroma all throughout your home. It should be able to add to the kind of calming environment you are planning to cultivate. What’s good about having a trademark scent at home is that your brain can associate it with being safe and at peace.

5) Natural light

Your home will also serve as a great source of inspiration for mindfulness if you let natural light come in. Allow the sun’s natural light to penetrate through your windows. Also, make sure to add sheer shades that feel airier and brighter in various settings at home. At night, bring out a warm and soft glow by lighting a candle instead of completely depending on artificial lights. All of these can encourage you to become more mindful.

6) Anchored home decors

You can also expect your home to make you more mindful by visually anchoring home decorations. Note that mindfulness is more about anchoring your mind. That said, deciding to anchor your home decors visually can make it more appropriate to such a vital tenet of health and wellness. Among the items, you can use to anchor a room’s design area rugs. With the rugs around, you can expect the room to become warmer plus they can add more focus to the room that you can easily layer. The good thing about rugs is that they serve as effective grounding items. It is because they have a natural texture that will feel great against your bare feet.

The best rugs that you can invest in are those made of natural fiber, especially if your home has high foot traffic. Also, pick those with muted colors and patterns. This will allow them to blend well with the entire home decorations, instead of creating a clash.

7) Unique texture

It is also easy to encourage mindfulness in the comforts of your own home if it has nicely textured wall coverings that can be considered as unique household features. The good thing about these textured wall coverings is that they are available in various styles, like those with muted stonework and wood plank effects. These are enough to add some character to your home. To prevent your space from looking too plain and boring, add some attractive key pieces, like washed wood lamps. A sense of calmness and tranquility can also be attained with natural sheers as these can provide an airy and soft feel. Your goal here is to add some unique texture into your home designed to develop a sensory interest.

8) Natural/earthy pieces or materials

Mindfulness can also be best achieved at home by investing in natural/earthy decorative pieces and materials. Note that while encouraging mindfulness from the comforts of your own home is achievable through minimalism, this might also cause your interiors to look and feel somewhat sterile and cold. You can prevent that feel by investing in raw and natural pieces or materials. These include decorative pieces made of solid wood, clay, marble, cork, and hides. These earthy materials are unique and distinctive plus these can bring warmth and character to your living space.

9) Clear and tidy space

Your home can also further influence mindfulness by ensuring that all its surfaces are free of clutter. Keep in mind that the key to being mindful at home is not only all about aesthetics. It is also about ensuring that a messy surface is free of clutter. A de-cluttered and tidy space can make you feel amazing. The good thing about clearing up your space from clutter is that it also serves as a way to detoxify your mind, body, and spirit. With that in mind, make it a point to clean up and tidy various items in your home every day, like your kitchen countertops, tables, and desks. With a home free of clutter, you can begin each day with mental clarity.

10) Plants and floral decorations

Being mindful is also possible by being in touch with outdoor elements. Let these elements penetrate your home by decorating it with plants and some floral pieces. It can add warmth and life to a somewhat minimalist and clean home decoration. The good thing about having plants inside your home is that you can make taking care of them a part of your daily mindfulness exercises. Plants and floral decorations can also make your home look and feel inviting.


Mindfulness can help you reach that mental state of acceptance, calmness, and full awareness of the “now” or present moment. Fortunately, it is not that hard to achieve that state if you decorate your home or personal space with things that inspire mindfulness. Make sure to favor clean lines and uncluttered spaces as these can help improve your ability to be mindful every day.


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