How To Make Your Home An Oasis Of Calm…

How To Make Your Home An Oasis Of Calm

A neutral tone home creates an oasis of calm.

Have you been thinking for some time about turning your home into a stress-reducing space? And you’ve been probably looking at all that space but were unsure from where to begin. Well, fortunately, we’re here to offer you some creative guidance and help you turn your home into a relaxing area you’ll feel nothing but relaxation and calmness. However, you’ll have to be ready to throw some of the unnecessary stuff away, rearrange the décor and introduce calming hues — among other things.

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Remove the clutter

One of the most important factors in achieving calmness in your home is to have a clutter-free living space. Some people are more prone to keeping everything and anything while others tend to filter out unnecessary stuff better, but none of us is immune to keeping things for later because “we might need them in the future”. If that was your habit, it’s time you broke it and get rid of all the little things that you haven’t picked up in months. You’ve probably forgotten all about that stack of magazines in the corner that you thought you’d use for fashion inspiration, cooking, DIY projects and what not. The truth is, you’ll google whatever you need and don’t know how to do, so throw away anything that does not serve any purpose.

Introduce calming colors

Earthy hues such as olive green, beige, eggshell, white, taupe, and grey are just some of the colors that will create a true oasis of calm. Think about repainting your walls, changing your drapes, carpets and décor items, and swap your vibrant or monotonous hues for neutral, earthy colors such as pastel green or light grey. Muted shades of rose, taupe, peach or mocha as well as cool watery blues and greens can make a lot of difference in your home. Those colors will induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. By combining a dominant color with matching objects such as beige with rosewood or white with moleskin, you’ll add contour to an otherwise monochrome room.

Decorate with lots of greenery

You can create an oasis of calm using succulents and other plants.

Real plants will introduce a sense of calmness into your home, so think about placing a few low-maintenance plants like succulents in every room. Succulents don’t require a lot of attention and care, so you won’t have to stress out taking care of them. Feel free to add nature-inspired textures and patterns to your décor in order to create a true Zen paradise. Think about lavender too because purple symbolizes spirituality. Pink plants and details open the heart, while green brings in nature’s balance. If you get a few yellow plants you’ll also allow the yellow color to stimulate health.

Create a healing space to replenish your spirit

Stress and daily living can exhaust us quickly, draining us of all our energy. That’s why we need a peaceful sanctuary where we can rest and replenish whenever we feel like it. Massage chairs are one of the greatest inventions that can help you relax and heal your spirit. If you want to offer your body exceptional health care, invest in a massage chair that will alleviate pain and free you from any tension you may be experiencing. Furthermore, a good massage chair will reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, while improving blood flow and loosening sore muscles. By investing in a massage chair you’ll have a full body treatment in the comfort of your own home, allowing yourself to get rid of all the tension, refocus on your inner life and feel calmer, clearer and happier.

Stick to simple furniture

Simple and clean lines are the main characteristic of Zen style. No complex ornamentation or too many details, but natural materials that bring a sense of warmth and relaxation is what you should strive towards in order to create an oasis of calm in your home. If your bedroom needs a bit more Zen energy, place the bed close to a source of natural light. Do not let the bed rest in front of the door or a passage area, and go for upholstered, leather or patchwork headboards. Keep the bed décor as plain as possible, and do not exaggerate with the cushions. Instead use only mohair, wool or fleeced covers or throws. Keep the ornaments to a minimum no matter which room we’re talking about because minimalism is what makes the Zen atmosphere truly come to life.

Set the mood with lighting

Natural lighting is the best way to create an oasis of calm in your home.

When it comes to lighting, natural is always a much better choice than the artificial. Therefore, let as much daylight inside the house as possible. To prevent others from peeking inside your home, feel free to hang sheer curtains that will add a dose elegance to the home as well, without blocking the light. The soft glow of string lights, candles, lanterns, and lamps will be a great alternative for daylight once the sun sets. Burlap and linen shades will look amazing in your new Zen home as well.

Bring in more earthy elements

If you want to bring the sound of nature into your home, think about putting a fountain in your room. If your backyard needs a bit of noise reduction, and soothing soundtrack a fountain will do just that while offering you a sense of calmness. A small tabletop version can do the trick and not make you break the bank for a bit of calm. Pick a few natural elements for your home too, and bring calming energy to your home. From woven baskets to natural-fiber rugs, unvarnished wood and natural collections of all kinds, there are a plethora of different elements that can fill your home with soothing vibes. Whether you choose, pressed leaves and flowers, driftwood, seashells or stones, as long as it comes from nature, it’ll be beneficial for your home.

Final thoughts

In today’s time when we encounter stress at every step, it’s essential that we find a sanctuary at our home where we can relax, ease all the tension and recharge for another day. Therefore, make sure you fill your home with calming hues, declutter, bring in natural elements and you’ll create an oasis of calm that you’ll never want to leave.


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