Feng Shui 2017: Decorating Trends For The Year Of The Rooster…

Feng Shui 2017: Decorating Trends For The Year Of The Rooster


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Feng shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing with your surroundings. If you wish to keep the negative energy away from your home and keep the positive energy flowing freely in every room, you should apply these feng shui principles. The idea behind it is that the home we live in reflects what is happening inside us, and we should harmonize our energy with the energy of our home.

The year 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, or the Phoenix, the bird that symbolizes change and transformation, and if you wish to decorate your home so that it reflects the basic principles of feng shui, here’s what you should know.

The Entrance Matters

According to the Chinese, luck will enter your home through the door, and if you want it to stay, it has to be satisfied with what it finds upon its arrival. It’s of utmost importance to keep the entrance to your home clean and attractive. You have to vacuum, sweep, and mop the surfaces, and make sure there is no mess.

You should throw away your old mat and get a new one, preferably a red one that has feathers or a bird on it. This way you will symbolically represent the Fire Rooster, and the luck that enters your home will be satisfied. Also, you should paint your door in order to attract good luck. Depending on the direction they’re facing, they should be either red or orange (south-facing doors), black or blue (north-facing), gray or white (west-facing), and brown or green (east-facing).

Bring Life Into Your Living Room


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You don’t have to remodel your entire house as a single room decorated according to feng shui principles will be enough. The sofa should never face the door, instead, it should face either the door or the TV. Stylish floor rugs should be placed in front of it so everyone’s feet can stay warm. There should never be a mirror behind the sofa, and the storage cabinet should cling to the wall.

You should also avoid hanging paintings of beasts on the wall and opt for paintings of plants, flowers, birds, and trees instead.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be clutter-free and clean; a place where both your body and soul gets purified. Keep your drains closed  since you don’t want to wash away your wealth and prosperity, do you?. Keep the lid of the toilet down, and the door to the bathroom closed so that good energy stays inside. Bring in some live plants which will purify the air and bring in good energy, and paint your bathroom blue or green – blue symbolizes water, a purifying element, while green symbolizes new beginnings and growth.

Declutter Your Living Space


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Be careful what you put in every room, since every object, even an inanimate one, has energy of its own. If you wish for more positive energy in your home, you should get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

Take a plastic bag and do a ‘feng shui fling’ – throw away 27 objects that you don’t want or don’t need. Don’t stop to think about it, don’t rationalize, and don’t hesitate, just throw it in the bag, tie the bag, and take it out immediately before you get a chance to change your mind. A clean space means that more good things can come into your life because you have made room for them.

If you hesitate to decorate your home feng shui style because you think it’s outdated, think again. There are wonderful decorating tips and tricks that involve feng shui and some of them don’t even cost a dime.

Plenty of elements are down-to-earth and after you bring them into your home you will notice how the energy changes and how different the rooms both look and feel.


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