6 Simple Ways To Clear Your Home Of Negative Energies…

6 Simple Ways To Clear Your Home Of Negative Energies

Our homes could often be considered our sacred spaces. They are places we go to at the end of our day to recharge our energies. But what happens if the energies in our home are negative? Negative energies come into our space due to fights, stress from a long day, or anything we bring into our homes based on our own energy levels. We dump them into our homes and they linger there. The energies of our homes and our auras work together, giving and taking. So when our homes are full of negative energies, we could be absorbing these energies into our own etheric bodies. The good news is that removing these energies can be simply done. Here are six ways to remove the negative energies from your space:

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Salt is a mineral with wonderful purifying properties. The mineral acts to absorb the negative energies from an object or a space. One of the best ways that I’ve found to clear a space with salt is to sprinkle it on the floor, often with a shaker. Let it sit to absorb the negative energies overnight, and then in the morning, sweep or vacuum it up.


Smudging is an ancient purifying technique that has been used in many different forms of spirituality, from Native American Shamanism to Buddhism. The act of smudging involves different herbs that are burned. The smoke from these herbs is used to clear a space of negative energies. Feathers are often used to carry the smoke throughout a room. Common herbs used in smudging are sage, palo santo, and sweet grass.


Crystals resonate structurally pure energies and can be a wonderful addition to removing negative energies from your home. Selenite is a wonderful stone that helps to remove negative energies and raise vibrations. Place logs above doorways and windows to shield your home from negative energies that may enter.


Plants are natural air purifiers. Cleaning the air, they help to remove the impurities. Since plants are living energies, they help to raise the vibrations of your space as well and improve your overall mood.


Energies can attach to items. The more “junk” one has, the more negative energies tend to sit and linger. By removing the physical things that no longer serve us, we remove the energies associated with those items as well. Your space will feel lighter in energy and so will you!

Singing Bowls and Bells

Sound vibrations help to clear a space. Chanting, singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and bells all act to carry sound throughout a space and cleanse it of its energies. Go around each of your rooms using the sound vibration of your choosing to cleanse each space.


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