How To Charge The Home With Positivity…

How To Charge The Home With Positivity

I’ve been feeling bogged down lately. You see, I tend to get into my own head and it makes the atmosphere around me feel like a storm cloud to which I’m the eye. Empathic people are atmosphere sponges when they aren’t properly channeling their energies. This means that whoever is throwing their negativity around might smack you right in the aura with it.

Of all of the places in your life, your home should be a safe space. After clearing out my home and getting the energy right I thought it’d be a good thing to share, so here are some tips for keeping your space positive and safe even for the most empathic person.

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Smudging & Incense

Generation after generation of indigenous people all around the globe have used smudging to draw in positive energy and cast out the negative. There are many different types of herbs and woods that can be used for this. I’m only going to list three types of smudging that I do in my home but there are other kinds of bundles that might be ideal for you.

Sage: Sage leaves are rid and wrapped together, bundled stems. Light the end of the sage bundle until it is smoldering but not on fire.You will see the smoke billowing from the edge of your smudge bundle. Start at your front door and begin pushing the smoke towards the wall as you walk clockwise through every room in your home. This smoke opens the doors to the spirit realm in order to help any energy trapped in your house to leave. For this reason, keep all of the windows open, but also be aware that sage doesn’t specifically remove bad energy but instead simply opens the door. The words you choose as you smudge and the strength with which you say them will remove bad spirits.

Palo Santo: Sometimes the smoke of sage is a little bit too intense for people. If this is the case, I always recommend palo santo. This wood is picked off of the ground when it has come to its full circle of life. If a dark resin is seen throughout the wood, then you know it’s made of good stuff. You’ll need to light this a bit longer but it is stronger in expelling negative energies and spirits than sage is. I keep both on hand and just choose what I feel is right.

Incense: This is the best beginner option as incense is found everywhere, even at your local gas station. Use what feels right since this is a person-by-person thing. Dragon’s Blood works well for anyone looking to feel at home and rooted.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are beautiful little stones that show us the beauty that we sometimes cannot see within ourselves. Many believe that crystals have healing powers and for this reason, they can be a powerful tool for the empath. To create a positive space in which to grow I’d recommend starting with malachite, tiger eye and rose quartz. The first way to promote this positive aura around yourself is to wear a small pouch with crystals around your neck or put them in your pocket.

What I did recently that I’ve never done before is create little crystal pockets all around my house where specific energies needed to be cleared. This can help make a matrix of healing around the home to guide the bad out and emanate all of the good. If you don’t know where to start just go to a crystal shop, stare into all of the rocks and choose the one that calls to you.

Be Excellent To Yourself

Lastly, be sure to cut toxic people out of your life. Seriously, it’s easier than it feels right now. If there is someone in your life that is sucking all of the positivity from your life force, cut them right out. You’re worth it. If this person is a necessity in your life or there is no possible way to remove this person, then take action. Speak calmly and directly to each other and let them know how their actions may affect you. It may lead to awkward conversations but it will help more than crawling into your shell and hiding.

Be brave, you deserve it.


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