Reiki And Healing The Community…

Reiki And Healing The Community


The past few months have been a roller-coaster of highs and lows with the election and worldwide protest about Climate change and saving our planet. There has been very little media coverage on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fight to protect our waters. There is fear and anger hanging around this issue. There are several social media posts about the issue, showing violence from police officers against the peaceful protestors.

I want to bring the healing, loving Reiki energy to our community and planet, since we are powering these issues with anger and fear and spreading that energy.

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Reiki’s Healing

This article is to bring healing awareness to this issue and climate change and to bring together a community of healers to send loving, healing Reiki Energy to this issue, to the Native Americans, police officers, and the protectors. We do not accomplish anything with fear but with love and kindness. Spreading light and love we can heal not only our community but the planet as well. The more positive energy and love we have and share the more we raise the vibrations of our planet and community.

Using Reiki to bring balance to this issue and to the world at large is something we need now. We can do this by using 5 to 10 minutes of our daily meditation or Reiki practice to send Reiki to those standing for our clean water and survival of our planet. Begin by lighting a candle, asking for guidance from our guides and spirit, grounding our energies and beginning our meditation practice or self-healing practice. Then we will begin to visualize the distance Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen ), and the Harth symbol, which is a symbol of love from Karuna Ki Reiki. It means love, harmony, truth, balance, and beauty.

We visualize these symbols over the North Dakota, over the Unites States and then over our planet and sending radiant Reiki Energy and visualizing everyone who needs this energy to receive it and feel love and light. Then we will visualize our planet absorbing this radiant energy and glowing with light and love seeing this light envelope our planet and its people with peace and love.
Together we can bring healing to our community and planet. We are all one.


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