5 Ways Reiki Can Enhance Your Life

Reiki is a gentle technique for transferring healing energy from a giver to a receiver. Originating in Japan, Reiki is practiced through the laying on of hands. Unlike a massage, the practitioner settles their hands in one spot for a specified period of time while Reiki energy flows through the giver’s hands into the receiver. Reiki energy is a unique healing energy that has been proven to enhance our lives.

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Reiki Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing and restorative. Since the immune system functions better when pain and stress are reduced, the presence of Reiki energy reduces both pain and stress, clearing away immune impediments to ensure strong and proper functioning. In fact, research shows that giving or receiving Reiki energy helps to boost the number of white blood cells in the body resulting in a stronger immune response. In a study by the Helfgott Research Institute, patients who received Reiki demonstrated a marked increase in white blood cell counts.

Reiki Promotes Relaxation

Reiki energy balances the chakras, the energetic network of the body. As Reiki energy flows, blockages are removed as mind, body and spirit come into alignment. Reiki energy strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms and quiets the body’s fight or flight response and helps to control the release of cortisol stress hormones. Reiki energy calms the central nervous system creating an internal environment of peace.

For these reasons, Reiki is immensely beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Reiki Regulates Emotions and Moods

Reiki helps to make spirituality accessible, connecting both practitioner and recipient harmoniously with higher energies. This sense of harmony and inner peace, creates stability in the mind and body, helping to unblock past traumas, negative patterns, and beliefs. Regular Reiki treatments can reduce mood swings and anger, help a person cope with grief, and release trapped emotions.

Reiki Speeds Up Recovery from Surgery

Reiki can be administered before, during and after surgery to relieve post operative pain. Reiki has been used effectively in hospitals for pain remediation. Reiki’s energy can alleviate the symptoms of trauma usually exhibited in the body post-surgery, such as increased heart rate and inflammation. Reiki also boosts the immune system which aids in post operative recovery.

Reiki Helps to Alleviate Chronic Conditions

Sufferers of conditions such as migraines, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia have found Reiki to be an effective supplement to Western medicine when it comes to managing their condition. Reiki helps reduce the pain, inflammation, and stress related to such illnesses.

In a study conducted by Barbara Brewitt, MDiv, Ph.D., Reiki is shown to have positive effects on lymphatics and lymph flow in the immune system as well as demonstrated improvements in spleen and nervous system functions.


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Sojourner Williams

Sojourner is a Reiki Master, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic counselor practicing in the DC Metro and New York Tri-State areas.…

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