The Top 3 Things Your Pet Can Teach You About Spirituality…

The Top 3 Things Your Pet Can Teach You About Spirituality

We all admire our pets for their unique qualities.

They bring a smile to our face when we’re down, and help us to destress after a long hard day. But their true gift is something far more important; it’s the gift of showing us how to become more spiritual. These three basic traits of animals helped lead me to the spiritual connection I was needing, and will for you too.

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Live in the Moment

Animals are truly masters at living in the now. Mindfulness isn’t something they need to ‘learn’ — they already know it intuitively. Whereas we may similarly know mindfulness intuitively as children, we forget it as we age. This sense of mindfulness brings us deeper happiness while living in the past or the future (our head, essentially) creates anxiety and worry.

Dogs don’t care that you got home late or that you just gave him a bath. They just want to be in the moment with you and play or curl up with you. This is the reason why so many therapeutic avenues use animals to help all kinds of people.

Unconditional Love

Connecting with the moment allows us to connect with the Divine, and brings us to a place where love flows freely. We see this in animals all the time; they forgive mistakes and give love without a second thought. Dogs, in particular, have the capacity to understand our emotions. In fact, there is a certain region of their brain that allows them to recognize our emotions and facial expressions. This is what allows them to somewhat understand what we’re feeling.

When you feel a strong sense of anger, reflect on how your pet would act. I know sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! That expression of love is pure. Channel that. You will soon find your connection to the Universe unfolding nicely.

The Wonder of it All

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your head and forget the beauty of the world around us. But animals don’t have that problem. They focus on the simple pleasures. For instance, cats will fall in love with a box over a toy.

Transcribe this to your life. Where do you see this potentially happening? Where can you find the obvious simplicity over the complexity? If you watch an animal, you’ll see there are wonders we can never recreate. Moreover, we don’t need to…because the universe has already done such a great job with it.

When you have problems finding joy in the world and cannot find that still place inside you to connect, contemplate the focus and joy of an animal at work or play.

The Best Role Models

There is much that our furry friends can teach us, and much they have in the way of spiritual development. Love, mindfulness, and simple joy are powerful antidotes to the world’s problems. If you’re having a difficult time connecting to your spiritual nature in any way, turn the spotlight of your mind to your favorite animals and you’ll gain tremendous insight.


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