Helpful Tips For Healing From Loss Of A Loved One…

Helpful Tips For Healing From Loss Of A Loved One

Be still and know that this too shall pass – this moment of feeling completely lost without a rudder, feeling disconnected from the life you knew with your loved one around. How quickly it will pass is different for each of us, as we are each unique in every way. And the reality is, the feeling of despair may resurface when you least expect it. Grief of any kind has its own timeline and is not something we can predict or control how or when we will feel it.

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How to Get Started

To be able to sit in that uncomfortable place with yourself and allow the raging anger or severe, gut-wrenching feeling of helplessness to just be with you is a start on the healing journey. In our always-on, constantly going life, the focus is usually to brush it off and not allow the feelings to have a voice, while we move forward with completing the next item on our to-do list. In the process, we are robbing ourselves of healing, and the longer we wait, the deeper the grief grows. Why not get started on the healing path now? A way forward is found in the time we set aside to be still.

Ways to Honor Your Path

Healing through being present and allowing grief to have a voice can happen in different ways. The most important foundation is to allow yourself to be wherever you are, and to be gracious and accepting of whatever surfaces. After all, you are in a space of loss. The outer world may seem distant and uncaring, as generally people are afraid of what to say to someone who is grieving so they often opt to say nothing at all.

Or maybe they say, “It’s going to be okay.” Their intentions are good, although it may feel cold. You may think to yourself, “How do they really know?” With each passing day, you are stuck in this space that feels like a deep ravine with no way out. Start with 1 hour or even 30 minutes. With practice, the stillness time each day will expand to a longer period of time, and soon the minutes of living life outnumber the minutes of feeling like you are standing in quicksand.

And as you honor your path, new ideas will emerge on how to continue to heal. Ideas that are unique to you and your healing process. Go forth and start now, and allow the path to unfold in its own time.


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