5 Key Points You Need To Know When Explaining Energy Healing…

5 Key Points You Need To Know When Explaining Energy Healing

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the simplicity of energy healing. So let’s clear some stuff up!

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1) There’s No Scientific Evidence

First and foremost, there is no scientific evidence energy healing works. And that’s OK to admit. From time immemorial, all kinds of different energy healing techniques have been used in pretty much every culture known to man.

Gemstones, Reiki, laying-on-of-hands, prayer, prana, etc. are all popular examples, and many people swear by them. In fact, many people would swear on their children they had received substantial healing and life-changing results from these methods.

So just because science hasn’t found a mechanism for how it all works doesn’t mean it’s not working at all. It’s just about what YOU find works.

2) Looking Beyond the Symptoms

In almost every alternative healing modality I’ve looked into, the practitioner starts with the cause of the problem, not the symptom. For instance, you may have a bruise or scrape on you somewhere, that’s the result, not the cause. You hurt yourself somehow.

3) Consider the Underlying Cause

The underlying cause, according to most spiritual traditions, is energy. Rather than looking at what happened in a certain situation or circumstance, it looks at what you did energetically to attract that into your life.

Even the way you think attracts a certain vibration to you, whether or not you realize it. It subtly play its way into every avenue of our life and works in unforeseen ways we can’t predict.

4) It’s About Changing Your Momentum

Think of an airplane, flying through the skies at a terrific speed. If it were to make even a slight change in its direction, its endpoint would be completely different. It’s the same with energy healing. When you make a small change in your life, such as meditating regularly every day, your endpoint could be very different from where you are now. Sure it’s a small change. But that small change can lead to big things down the road.

Even if you change course by just 2 degrees, at first you’re close to the old path you were on, but after a month to several months, your old path will seem further and further away from you as you continue going along your new direction. The more you go down your new path, the farther you are from your old path.

5) It’s Not About Immediate Change

The ego always wants the ‘quick fix’. But that’s not always possible, nor what’s going to lead to lasting change. But this is also why energy healing is so powerful. It’s all about looking at the underlying direction you’re taking.

After incorporating healing into your life, you may not feel much different, but that small change will lead to big changes down the road. So give it time, and let things develop!


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