How Art Helps Ease Anxiety…

How Art Helps Ease Anxiety


Worrying endlessly impacted the quality of my life. I started to experience anxiety in its entirety five years ago when I moved away from home. I was worried and over thinking everything you could imagine: money, decisions, being judged, finding a job, etc. But I realized that constantly worrying only led to more stress, and made me feel I wasn’t in control of my life. More importantly, I wasn’t living my life.

I had to do something to improve my well-being. I just didn’t know what. Yet.

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The Push to be Creative I Couldn’t Ignore

In May of 2016, I felt a nudge within my soul to express myself through drawing. I wasn’t sure what the purpose behind this was, at least not right away. I knew that it was something I had to try out, and from there I used my feelings as a source of courage to learn how to draw, even though I had zero experience. Making up my mind and using my feelings as a guide, I searched the internet for resources about drawing. The internet is an infinite place, and I was feeling overwhelmed by everything I was seeing but excited at the same time.

Improvement in My Well-Being

As I started to develop my drawing skills, I began to feel a difference in my well-being. I started to accept and understand that there is no need to worry endlessly. Things always work out, maybe not how we envisioned it, but they do. I still experience anxiety sometimes, however, it’s no longer running the show like it did previously. In fact, I thank it for being there in my life because it pushed me towards something that helped me feel better.

As I draw, I calm down and when I calm down, I enjoy my life much more. I have always believed in that whatever affects the mind affects the body, and I feel we should all do what makes us feel good. In addition, part of my drive to learn how to draw comes from being inspired by artsy friends and acquaintances. To each of you, I say thank you!

Want to Learn How to Draw?

If you think this is something you would like to try here are a list of resources that I’ve personally  used:

  • RapidFire Art- Darlene has a free beginner’s course to help teach you the basics!
  • Teach Yourself To Draw Books by Kate Berry-  This series of books is very basic to begin with but you might learn something useful!

Remember that art is subjective, unique, and personal to the individual and there is no right or wrong way to approach it. You don’t need to be the next Picasso to be considered an artist.

You are an artist if you create, and if it helps you feel better, then go for it.


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Nadia Adalath

Hello! I'm Nadia Interview Editor over at Brutal Gamer. ( Besides conducting interviews, I am looking forward to branching out and writing about different topics! Writing is a passion of mine and I hope people enjoy and learn from what I publish. We're all in this together! In my spare time, I love to draw in order to relax my mind and get a break from the busy world we live in.

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