Hitting The [PAUSE] Button On STRESS!…

Hitting The [PAUSE] Button On STRESS!

Hitting the [PAUSE] button during a busy, stress-filled day, and “Grounding” yourself for a few minutes; immersing your senses in all the nature around you is like a reset to all your bodily functions. This balances the body’s internal and external energy. When your energy is balanced or calm you can interpret the energies in your environment.

Energy is everywhere; you can sense it when in the presence of another life form. Some of us can even see it. A force that cannot be masked or hidden, it is the true “state of being” of the body, mind, and spirit.

 How do we work this “Life Force Energy”?

There are three ways to interpret life as it unfolds around you: 

You can use your brain and look at it logically. Most times, this results in over-thinking or out-thinking yourself. Halfway down that street with a fork in the road, you say to yourself, “I knew I should have gone the other way.”

Or you can experience with your heart; emotions tend to cloud what is actually taking place. Those that think through the emotions of the heart tend to be sympathetic, and this makes them more part of the problem than part of the solution. Emotional choices are inclined to be from insecurity and fear, rather than out of love, and frequently benefit someone else at your expense.

Or you can sense it with your gut (trusting gut instincts). When you do this, it is the true interpretation of any situation. Animals do this automatically (Animal instincts). This gives you an unclouded view of a situation, with no pre-determined notion of logic, which includes sociological ingraining, and no emotional or egotistical ties.

How to Develop “Animal Instincts”

Every second of every day requires choices to be made, paths to choose, life decisions that need to be answered NOW! These choices happen unceasingly, both knowingly and instinctively. Let’s try an experiment here in gut feelings. This is also an exercise in how to develop “GUT INSTINCT,” and then interpret it and trust it. We can use an easy choice here to reveal gut feelings.

Ok… Here we go.

First, you must empty your mind and silence the voices in your head.

Forget anything that’s going on in your life for a few moments.

Take three very slow, complete breaths. Fully fill your lungs and hold the breath in for a time. This is the fuel for the body; it releases negativity and recharges your brain, your blood, and your thoughts. Your lungs are the best built-in stress reliever you have.

As you breathe, relax your eyes, your face muscles, and release the tension in your jaw. Let go of the stress in your neck and shoulders. It’s amazing how well this simple “disconnect” from daily stress works to relax the mind, body, and soul. It’s like hitting the pause button to a horror movie and going to make some popcorn with bacon fat and garlic.

When your body is relaxed and your mind is empty of the day’s thoughts, the chatter in your head should dissipate. When no thoughts drive you and you are stress-free…You are ready.

Note the sensation in your gut; there should not be any at this point. Remember that your gut does not have a brain or emotions, so the senses – sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and intuition drive it entirely. This is how animal instinct works; it is the immediate response to surroundings through the senses.

Now bring into your mind whatever it is that you were pondering or working on that stressed you out; be it a person, place, thing, incident or an upcoming event.

Quietly, as if a silent observer, pay close attention to your body. You should instantly get a feeling in the pit of your stomach. If it were a “life-or-death” choice, you would feel a violent sensation. You may be just experiencing a twinge or an uneasy feeling, or butterflies, or warmth. This is your gut talking to you… So listen closely and mindfully… And don’t predetermine the answers. Just simply trust this feeling, good or bad.

There are only two responses your gut can have: a sense of comfort or one of discomfort.

 However your gut reacts to stimuli, it is showing you the truth. The gut reaction to a situation is the culmination of the six senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, and intuition. The ability to sense this reaction and act upon it without question is “animal instinct.”

It’s merely “yes or no,” “black or white,” “stay or go,” or “do or don’t do.” Your stomach reacts without emotion, without logic, without feelings towards others, without remorse; it’s strictly a survival response.

“The more “survival mode” the decision is, the more intense your gut will react.    This shows the real importance of this decision or reaction. Always trust this feeling.”

This is very important to understand because the energy of the universe is interpreted by humans with only two emotions… that of LOVE, and that of FEAR. All other emotional states are derivatives of these two.

Examples of emotions or feelings derived from LOVE include happiness, elation, joy, and loving anticipation… and some from the Emotions of FEAR are hate, anger, jealousy, stressfulness, and fearful anticipation.

If the GUT feeling is one of LOVE, it is the parasympathetic nervous system reacting. This puts the body in “rest and digest mode.” If FEAR is felt, then it is an “action/reaction” of the sympathetic nervous system. This is “lock-down,” “time for action”, “fight or flight”! These are extremes, obviously. Not everything that comes from one or the other will cause “this or that” reaction.

Have you ever gotten halfway somewhere and said to yourself, “I knew I should have taken that other road,” or, “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that salesman,” or, “I was so stupid to lend him money. I had a feeling he wouldn’t pay me back!” Well… That was your gut talking and you not listening.

This bad judgment may have been caused by the fear of rejection, or feeling bad for someone less fortunate and not trusting better judgment or your gut feelings, or… just thinking with your heart or your head. Being empathetic to your surroundings is key to living “in the moment,” stepping back and being the silent observer of the “here and now.”

Sympathetic connections do not solve problems or promote healing; they are self-validating, selfish and self-absorbing, and a negative drain on the other. You cannot promote healing until the one in need has the mindset to do something about the situation or issue… even if it is you. We are hardwired to be sympathetic to ourselves, which makes sense; nobody knows our issues better than ourselves. However, to be your own healer you have to disconnect from what you feel and connect to the energy around you, whether it is someone else’s or your own.

Now you may ask, “What if I feel nothing?” This can be interpreted in various ways. First and perhaps foremost, it may not be an important enough decision, i.e., life or death.

The exercise I gave you here is not actually a good example of gut instinctive decision. So for your homework, try this exercise when you are out in the woods or just walking down a deserted street or somewhere you have never been before. Transport your consciousness to that relaxed state of awareness and try trusting gut instinct rather than logic as you encounter people, animals, or just a place you are not comfortable with. By that, I mean a place you have not been before.

Sometimes you can feel nothing because of stress due to an overemphasis on the outcome, meaning you are not relaxed and receptive, or you have a pre-determined notion of the outcome and are forcing the response.

The drawback to having “free will”

Second-guessing natural instincts is something we do all the time, and we humans are the best at it. People who say they always have “bad luck” live by reversing their gut feelings almost intentionally to always fail. These people unintentionally think they know better than their animal instincts do and second guess their gut feelings.

A gamble not worth waging, you will always lose.

“Trust your Gut!”

When we are sick, hungry, sad, scared, upset, confused, panicked, or in pain, the chakra that corresponds to that body part, function, or aspect reacts by being out of balance, too active, under-active, or blocked, thus changing the balance of the aura and effecting the rest of the energy balance within us and around us.

The aura will emit disturbances, if you will, in the vibrations: warmer or colder, faster or slower vibrations or waves, differences in magnitude, ripples or tingling that other people, animals, living things around the body can pick up on. Even plant life, rocks, and the earth itself feels these subtle disturbances.

For instance, you have heard it said that you should talk to your plants. The vibration of your voice as you project with loving tones and with intentions of pretty flowers or big ripe tomatoes will show a reaction within days.

I have experimented with using Reiki on a small section of a Tea Rose bush to see if plants do have an energetic connection to us. I had planted this rather large white Tea Rose bush in a garden next to the house. It was covered with dozens and dozens of tiny buds. Sitting on a bench next to the bush, I cupped my hands around a bunch of buds about the size of a basketball. I envisioned energy being transmitted from my hands to this bunch of flowers. Then I talked gently and adoringly to the buds of how beautiful they would look soon and how they would have a place of honor at our dinner table one day. This was while I was having my morning coffee and only had a few minutes before having to leave for work.

The next morning, rather early, I woke up to my wife calling me to get up and get outside, quick. I hurried downstairs and out to where she was. Before I had a chance to adjust my eyes to the sunlight, she said, “If I didn’t see you sitting here yesterday doing whatever it was you were doing, I wouldn’t have an answer for this!” To my astonishment as well, the basketball-sized bunch of buds were in absolute full zenith blossom, while the entire rest of the bush remained as it was the day before.

Plants, insects, birds, animals, fish, and fellow humans sense the vibrations we emit.

Ever hear the expression, “Animals can sense fear”? This is precisely what they are picking up on. Because relaxation, or “rest and digest” energies, are emissions of the parasympathetic function of the nervous system, there is no need for alarm from other forms picking up on the energy. However, when it is fear, discomfort, excitement, defensive posture… then it is the sympathetic nervous system, “fight or flight,” and the energies emitted are totally different, and I would guess, at much greater amplitude and thus interpreted and intercepted by sensitive entities to these energies, such as predators.

There is a disturbance in the force.

This can also happen from memories, or “energy cysts,” perhaps the loss of a loved one, bad memories, old injuries, or something catastrophic or tragic from a past life. Even how you were born creates these energy cysts. Breach, forceps birth, and cesarean birth are not normal births. With such births, the bones of the skull do not come into the world as intended, creating “stuck” bones at the sutures.

This trauma stays with us throughout our lives, creating unnecessary pressure on the brain. This is correctable with such modalities as CranioSacral Therapy, the subtle movement of bones to “release” such traumas, a modality I practice with virtually every client that comes into my view.

An energy cyst can also be an imprinted memory in our subconscious mind that never seems to cross over to our active mind so we can process it and ultimately get over or beyond it. The memory is contained in the cells, held in the site of an injury or trauma. These disturbances cause the balance of emotions and mental states to fluctuate, inducing physical manifestations and disease.

Phobias are real to the person experiencing them, whether or not it is an actual thing to fear. Most phobias are memories of bad experiences of which the brain says, “We will never ever be put in that position again.” This memory creates stress; the stress throws the balance of energy off… the systems in the body that are governed by these chakras will inevitably stress out.

“What we will discover is that most all illness and disease (dis-ease) are caused by STRESS: physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, and from memories.”

So hit that [PAUSE] button whenever you feel stressed.

“Allow your animal instincts through your gut-feelings to make your decisions on what to do about this stress.
And then trust it implicitly! ”
Namaste~  TonyD






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