Highly Sensitive Person’s Gifts…

Highly Sensitive Person’s Gifts

New buzz phrases and words have hit the new age market “highly sensitive person or HSP” and “empath.” Turns out that they are describing me. Everyone who knows me, can tell you that I have elements of this. Just try to go to a restaurant with me and that is all the confirmation that you need! I am sensitive to most foods and the air that I breath. My husband calls me a “princess in the pea!”

Turns out it might not be a dis, it is actually a compliment. I feel things no one ever does. Which in turn makes me a good healer. My kids too. Look up indigo children which describes them.

The only downside is that I also feel everyone’s pain. School events are the worst. I leave there drained and depressed. Don’t be fooled by the mammas that are dress to the nines and that you think have it all together. They usually are the most wounded!

However I just got inspired to feel differently in a crowd after hearing an interview with Jacob Tobia author of “Sissy.” I learned that the way Jacob handles being judged in a crowd for being transgender is that Jacob will look at that person straight in their eyes and think “that person is speaking from their place of trauma or wounding.” Jacob actually feels compassion for them and is never hurt by what they say or think because Jacob is proud and has no shame! Love it! Jacob is a warrior!

Do you know a highly sensitive person? Let them know it’s a gift not a curse❤️

Peace, Sharon


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