Why The Energetic Frequency Of Your Food Is More Important Than The Food Itself…

Why The Energetic Frequency Of Your Food Is More Important Than The Food Itself

“You are what you eat.” This is a very common phrase, which is usually referring to the types of food one is eating and how they correspond to the body; how the body reacts to those foods.

I want to bring in a different perspective on the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Everything has an energetic frequency. Where people are mostly focused on how many calories, fat, starches, or protein a food has, I come to offer the perspective that it is more about the vibratory alignment, vibratory match (so to speak) between the substance (meaning beyond just food), that is put into the body, and the vibration of the body itself. Do they match, or are those frequencies in harmony with each other? Because some things may not match, however, they can still be in harmony with each other.

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Energy frequencies

When two frequencies are not in harmony with one another, it can enhance the disharmony. The body is always working to create harmony, equilibrium, balance within all of its systems individually and then collectively as the body, the being, the energy and all of the individual bodies as well; working to harmonize, balance, to align all of these processes into the one individual. When there is a disharmony within one of the systems or one of the bodies, as most individuals have, bringing in a substance that is further in disharmony will further take the alignment off track. So you can imagine something like a seesaw where you have two objects within a similar weight creating balance.

Now if we create disharmony and one side is heavier than the other, the seesaw tilts and it goes off-balance, off-kilter. If you bring in another substance that simply adds to the disharmony, further triggers that disharmony, you take it further off-kilter. It truly comes down to the frequency of what is put into the body – food, drink, or energy. With emphasis being placed on energy because, ultimately, food is just energy. What is the frequency of the substance that is being brought into the body? So it is less about, ‘Is it a piece of meat, or is it a vegetable?’, and more about what the frequency of that substance is.

Food as energy

Now there are foods, drinks, substances that commonly have a higher vibration. For instance, living foods, live foods, fruits, vegetables, commonly, though not always, have a higher frequency than processed foods (specifically). Processed food has a very dead vibration, so to speak. It has a very low vibration, and it doesn’t have much vital life in it. Animal products have more vital life than processed food. Living foods, like fruits and vegetables, have an even higher source.

However, there is always room for error within all of these categories. Meaning, you could have fruits and vegetables, for instance, that are full of pesticides or chemicals. And if they were grown from pesticides and chemicals that carry very low vibration, the overall vibration of the fruit or vegetable is brought down. Now to what ‘extreme’ depends on many factors. Animal products can be of higher vibration depending on how the animal was cared for, what it was fed. The substance that goes into that being, whether it is animal or plant, affects its vibration. This gets passed up the chain of command through the cycle of life. Through the food chain. Each time the energy moves from one expression of the food chain to the next, there is potential for the frequency to change.

You can see how these things can snowball. For instance, if corn is raised with pesticides and chemicals that have a low frequency, very little life force energy, that corn takes on that vibration to some extent, depending on many variables. It is not just what it is fed. It’s the soil, the water, the quality of light and air that the vegetable is “breathing”. So many factors that go into this, not only what the entity is consuming as a food source, but what it consumes through multiple levels. It consumes and absorbs nutrients and chemicals through water, the soil, the air.

Energy channels

I want to broaden the perspective a bit and remember that there are lots of different channels that energy moves through. We also have the living organisms that exist or don’t exist in the soil. All of those living organisms provide vital life force energy. With the lack of those living organisms, there is a lack of vital life force energy within the soil.

The water, what minerals/nutrients are contained in the water, or what is lacking in the water. The quality of the light. The overall environment and general energy of the surrounding environment. Because if a crop of corn is next to the mountains or river, it has the force of nature backing it up. It’s vital life force energy rises. If it is next to a power plant, it literally can mutate the cells of the corn.

All of these factors play a role in the frequency of this corn and then this corn is fed to cattle for example. So then again, the corn is not the only channel of substance into the cow. Depending on the frequency of the food, the water, the living circumstances of the cow, the stress – because now we are talking about a more conscious entity.

What is the stress level, the happiness level, the social interaction, exercise, general well being and health of the cow? And of course, what is the cow consuming as far as food, water, medicine? Is the cow subject to other parasites or insects that could affect its vibration? And then how is that cow turned into meat? What does that process look like? Mainly stress. How high is the stress when the cow is processed into the meat? Then you have an end product of beef, and this beef has a particular frequency, depending on all of those previous things.

So now you take this beef and you prepare it. Or the staff in a restaurant prepares it. What water are they using? What microorganisms are in the kitchen? What is the energy of the staff? What is the intention behind creating the meal? The same goes in your own home. There is a saying that is often used, ‘You can tell that this food was prepared with love because it tastes better.’ Why? Because it has a higher frequency. When the food is prepared with love, it has a higher frequency. This is where a lot of shifting can take place. One can take the material that they are given (fruits, vegetables, meats) to create the meal, and throughout the creation of the meal – cooking or not- the intention behind that can drastically change the frequency. That may not necessarily completely change it because again there are so many factors that play here. But the intention of that creation has a very large impact.

The option here comes when you are creating your food at home. To be conscious, to be aware while you are creating the meal, to have gratitude for the materials provided. Where did they come from? To create the meal with intention, presence, love and of course, gratitude. And already, you have made a particular level of vibrancy within that meal no matter the ingredients.

Energy in food consumption

The next step is the consumption of the meal. Is it consumed with thoughts of unworthiness, the stress of the day, and “I have to do this and I have to do that,” and “I hate this and I hate that”? While you are consuming the food, these thoughts are vibrating within your being and are affecting the food and the body.

Was there any gratitude or appreciation – even recognition – for the food that is being consumed? Is there recognition as the food is being placed in the mouth? The senses are lit up. Is there awareness? Is there love?

Or is one distracted with what is occurring in their life? Doing 100 things at once while they are eating. Driving down the road being stressed – eating. During work being stressed – eating. Again, this is a very powerful moment at which the vital life can be upgraded or downgraded. By simply having gratitude and appreciation, it allows the body to receive the food.

If you consume it from a state of awareness, from a state of presence, your body can actually openly receive the vibration that is coming through – the vitamins and minerals. Everything that the food has to offer, the body can actually receive it.

While if you are doing it from a state of distraction, a state of stress or any other lower vibratory state, your body is contracted or closed. Even if you are eating a very healthy meal, only so much of that beautiful opportunity is being absorbed, received by the body. Over time, this will create disharmony. And now you are having to undo the disharmony. You don’t have to know what the disharmony is or what the frequency of the food is. You just want the food to be at a higher frequency or your disharmony will be further triggered. When the food is vibrating at a high frequency it can re-balance the disharmony.

Final thoughts

So the ingredients are important, but the vibration of the food is most important. And it is important to understand that it can be changed along the way with intention, awareness, gratitude, and love. And so again, while you might not be able to undo toxic food, you can take good food up a notch. You can take great food up a large notch. And you can prepare your body to readily absorb the food. It is just like if you are surrounded by love, money, and prosperity, but you are resistant to receive it. If you are contracted/hunkered down in anger, you cannot receive anything around you. Your body needs to be in a state that is receptive to the food that you are bringing in.

You want to be aware of the food, the substances, and you want to prepare the body for receiving it. These are the ways you can benefit from all of this.

  • Buying high-quality ingredients. Being aware of the ingredients. Less processed, more alive foods, where you know the source. Being aware of the living conditions of the animals. As much as possible, being aware of the components.
  • Preparation of the food. Being present – preparing the food from a state of intention, gratitude, love. Intending that the food is full of nutrients and high vibration.
  • Blessing the food. Giving great gratitude for the food while it is on the plate. You can also bless the food by placing your hands over the food, or in prayer, and giving love and gratitude to all of the entities, the components that went into the food.
  • Preparing your body to consume the food by being present. Take a few breaths before you begin to consume the food. Being present. Saying hello to the body. Setting the intention that the body opens to receive the food. Especially if you have an imbalance – setting the intention that the body opens to receive the high-frequency food to help balance it. Don’t underestimate this, it is very powerful.
  • Consuming the food. Being present with the feelings, sensations, tastes, aromas, and the overall experience. Then, your body can receive the food through this state of consciousness (that of gratitude and presence).

After the meal, a couple of more breaths, gratitude and blessings. A moment to allow the body to fully finish. And then a closure. This can transform your health.


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