What Yoga Can Do For Your Health: 5 Great Benefits…

What Yoga Can Do For Your Health: 5 Great Benefits

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

The definition of this health is holistic. The extent of health does not end in comfortable living, day-to-day functionality, and thought process running on autopilot. All around holistic health comes with self-awareness, enhanced level of energy, the resilience of a smart coping mechanism, and pervading mindfulness in all facets of life. The word yoga represents the idea of yuj or unity, to signify a coming together of different conflicting channels of energies present in all systems and how an individual can strive to gain mastery over unassailable forces.

The mechanism of yoga is simple. On an energetic level, the practice equips the practitioner to minimize the release of stress-responses by culturing a deep calmness through both active and passive postures. Psychologically, mindfulness is cultivated as yoga calls for thorough attention to sensations, passing strands of thoughts, and emotions. Breath, an integral part of yoga is invasive in the practice and creates a mental balance through this constant process of meditation. The outreach of yoga on health is thus greater.

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Happy Juices

There is nothing like yoga for beating the blues. As you go through the motions of each posture, the endocrine glands receive a thorough massage and a healthy secretion of bio-chemicals sets the balance of the body. Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for invigorating sensations of love and soft emotions can be fervently boosted with yoga. With daily hours on the mat, you can experience a development in the more humane sides of your personality, emanating friendly vibrations around yourself. You are likely to make more friends and allies even in most ruthlessly competitive spaces, and attract people of peaceful mindsets wherever you go with this carefully nurtured aura. Meditation and mindfulness disciplines, an important part of yoga, is known to hike up serotonin which is also known as the “happiness hormone”. Dedicated practitioners are observed to suffer less from mood swings, paranoid mood disorders, and relative impulses in comparison to non-practitioners.

Back Pain Remission

Back pain indiscriminately affects everyone living a modern life of minimal physical activity and maximum comfort and sedentary torpor. Long hours of office work, stress, and deficient bone health enhances the condition, requiring more than usual care. While a dependence on pain relief drugs becomes imminent in cases of back pain, you can easily stay clear of such a counter-effective way of dealing with pain by addressing it with yoga. Not only people suffering from back pain reported better back function, enhanced mobility, and receding levels of pain after a few months of regular asana practice but also admited to having adopted a better lifestyle standard with more exercise, developed awareness, and eating the right kind of food.

Insomnia Relief

Unlike other exercise routines, yoga is full of postures that more than anything else, relax and bring a sense of deep calm. It can be the best approach for finding back your goodnight’s sleep. The instruments of fighting sleep deprivation should be meditative rather than an exercise of the physical and that’s exactly what yoga achieves. Some of the most experienced guides of yoga prescribe relaxing asanas like uttanasana or forward fold with deep synchronized breathing before bed. The reason is that, with enhanced circulation, this asana will calm the body and the mind as well.

Memory and Mental Faculty

A dedicated yoga enthusiast describes yoga as ‘taking out the trash’ of the body and the mind. Full internal cleanse and removal of toxins with yogic meditation will push the simultaneous refresh button in your mind even as you engage in mental work. As a result, you will have more organization in your thoughts, accompanied by a sense of general physical wellness. Good memory, enhanced awareness, and a larger mental capacity of dealing with stress are undeniable outcomes of yoga. Keep doing yoga and hike up your overall health quotient!


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