Yoga And Cannabis: Things You Should Know…

Yoga And Cannabis: Things You Should Know

Cannabis offers plenty of benefits when it comes to enhancing yoga, according to yogis who have firsthand experiences on it. That is why many are trying to combine the two for improved results like a calmer mind and less stress. Let’s discuss the things that you should know about yoga cannabis, including its benefits and tips essential to get started.

Benefits of cannabis on yoga practice

If you’re interested in combining yoga and cannabis, you might also want to know what’s in it for you. What benefits can you get? Smoking an Indica strain before practice, some yogis claim to be dropping in right away. They’re also able to let prior interactions and events just melt away. This strain helps them achieve a mellow feeling, allowing them to drop in with ease (combined with focused attention and breathing). In addition, cannabis can heighten the senses, according to people who have tried combining yoga and marijuana. It can improve focus and attention, keeping them stay in the moment and prevent their minds from wandering away.

Cannabis can help in focusing with heightened senses – for the candle scent, the sound of music and wind coming through the window that would otherwise easily distract them without marijuana You can also achieve harmonious movements and let your body just go with the flow. Feel your movements pulsing and becoming beat-driven. The reason is that MJ helps you feel more synchronized – your body and your movements. With cannabis, you will become more graceful, no doubt.

In addition, marijuana with yoga practice will allow you to become more connected with your insides. You’ll feel more life force in your heart and breathing. Others also reported exaggerated sensations, which can be one of the ganja’s benefits for this exercise routine that you should not miss. It involves different circular joint movements and low lunge twists. You will also appreciate your surroundings even more – even the silence. In addition to dropping in quickly into the practice, you will also feel more heightened senses, again, improving your overall focus.

Nevertheless, you could enhance the benefits of yoga practice with marijuana that acts on both the body and mind. The bottom line, cannabis enhances yoga just as it does with other activities. However, effects might vary from one person to another, so cannabis benefits are not a one-size fit all. If you’re interested in combining yoga and MJ, you may talk to an experienced staff at a Cannabis Dispensary for a strain recommendation provided cannabis is legal in your state.

How to integrate cannabis into your yoga practice

If you would like to incorporate cannabis into this exercise, you might also want to learn about the best ways to do so in order to achieve a rewarding session. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Focus on your breathing. Know that breathing exercises are important in yoga, but they can be challenging if you had giant rips before the session. Don’t overdo with the combustibles!
  • Plan your dose carefully if consuming edibles, which can be tricky to use, too. It might hit you hard without planning ahead.
  • Strike a balance! Do not over-consume cannabis before yoga. Do not put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Achieve a balance and avoid too much cannabis before your session.
  • Determine and stick to your consumption limits.
  • Use a familiar or a predictable strain if you’re new to cannabis and yoga.
  • Explore the internal and soft side of yoga. Enjoy the yoga practice, and take a break from having an intense cannabis yoga session.

Why yogis should use marijuana

Yogis use marijuana because of its mood-lifting benefits. As mentioned earlier, cannabis can help them drop in right away into the routine and free their minds from distractions that include earlier in the day events and interactions. Cannabis can also help them achieve more harmonious movements and twists because it can synchronize their body and mind. As a result, they can achieve smoother and more flowing movements. In the process, cannabis helps them manage depression, anxiety or stress better than without marijuana, too, because both medicinal cannabis and yoga can reduce depression symptoms.

Also, taking Cannabidiol CBD calm their nerves, allowing them to go out their analytical zone and focus on their yoga experience. In this case, the practice becomes more rewarding because they can get into the zone naturally and stay on it.

Final thoughts

Combining cannabis and yoga offers a host of benefits provided you use it properly and plan ahead on the kind of strain or type of ingestion, among other things.

As you remember, your goal is to enhance the benefits of yoga with cannabis that can increase self-awareness and focus. It is not oblivion. Thus, you shouldn’t wolf down an edible or smoke big-time before getting on the yoga mat. Gauge cannabis’ effects on your body and mind, start low, and enjoy the session!


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