Why You Want to Think Prana When Choosing Food & What Is It?…

Why You Want to Think Prana When Choosing Food & What Is It?

As a holistic practitioner I employ time proved methods to equip my clients with tools bringing them into the best possible shape. Some may be surprised I don’t only suggest quality energy foods to my holistic health consultation clients, but also to my therapy and mindfulness clients.

The reason is simple, our mind energy is drawn from our body, and when our body is not energized right our minds can’t be well. Now let’s talk energy for a bit. Energy doesn’t have to be the feeling of running around and doing all your chores at once.

Yes, that can be one of the stages, but stable energy means you wake up rested, you rarely experience afternoon dips and you feel drained only when there is a really tough time depriving you off your sleep. Now you may think She lives in a dream world. No one feels that way expect kids and the super rich, who have people for everything. Guess what, this can be you too, without having to go younger or way richer.

Energy Doesn’t Come from Coffee

So let’s get this straight energy is not coffee, green, black or white tea and sugar. These are fixes that give you a quick boost, but make you tired, as they mess up with your motivation and sleep hormones, in the long run. You want to keep this body for a while, right? So treat it like you want to enjoy living in it.

I was thinking coffee and other stimulants when tired and exhausted too until one day I had an aha moment walking into a health store, asking for a supplement with Taurine (one of the main compounds of Red bull), thinking that would be my next magic pill helping me study longer and work more. Luckily enough, the knowledgeable shop assistant brought to my attention ‘I should rather take something against stress if I feel often tired, such as spirulina or rhodiola.’, which never crossed my mind.

I thought ‘when tired, take some stimulants’, never thinking it would make me stressed and drained in the long run. Maybe I should thank this kind gentleman to have been one of the first stepping-stones on my holistic path.

So what immediate steps can you take to feed yourself with more energy vibrating food?

1. To Feel Good You Want High Vibration Food

To explain more, all life vibrates. The entire material world is nothing but vibration – the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom in your body. We are made up of atoms and atoms emit waves of electrical energy that vibrate at our own frequency. It’s been scientifically proved that our bodies are more influenced by our vibrational energy and thoughts than by DNA.

And the more life there is in food the higher the vibrations, which in turn help you to increase yours.

This means you can raise your vibration and frequency to feel better – your health is just the beginning. Already Socrates knew it. That’s why he believed that the universe was made up of pure energy that was there before earth and then we appeared.

2. For Food With Prana/High Vibrations Think ‘Alive’

By ‘alive’ I don’t mean raw meat or let alone moving meat. I mean not dehydrated or processed. A lot of my clients come in thinking oats are a healthy breakfast. And while oats are not as nutritionless as a croissant is, they are pranaless. Prana was sucked out of them during the dehydration process. For this reason, you want to drink cooked quiona, barley or sorghum with fruits and nuts, rather than sugary pre-prepared oat mix.

3. Think ‘Plants’

The more plants you include in your diet the more prana you get in your body. It’s as simple as that.

Go as green as possible here, the deeper green the better. That is spinach, kale, chard, arugula..

Have fun shopping for it, and remember the simple rule is 80 per cent of your groceries should come from the produce section!

4. Check Where You Eat

Are you single and don’t enjoy cooking for yourself only? It must have crossed your mind that where you eat matters. Especially, if you frequently eat out you want to make sure your meals are not made of frozen ingredients, with plastic or aluminium utensils, and people who cook it get a fair wage. Hard to check? Do your due diligence. It is your health and life energy we’re talking about.

5. Take a Moment to Be Grateful Before Digging In

Stop for a moment and give thanks to the growers, transporters, shop assistants, cooks, everybody in the food chain. This way you charge your food with loving energy, which turns into prana.

The list of tips could go on, but this is a good head start to get an idea. If you practise the above you will see more energy in yourself soon enough.


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