What’s Behind A Food Craving?…

What’s Behind A Food Craving?

Whether it’s a pastry, baguette, chocolate, burger, or the salty corn chip, we have all been swept up by a food craving. Food cravings are not about the food itself. A craving for a cookie is not about the cookie. It goes much deeper than that. There is actually a physical, energetic, and spiritual reason why you crave that food. Using the sweet craving as our guide, I share what’s behind a food craving.

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The Physical Need

Food cravings are linked to biological processes. Foods have intrinsic qualities, one being flavor, that nourishes specific organs and body systems. The sweet flavor nourishes our immunity which plays a role in our protective mechanisms as we interact with the world. When our sense of security or belonging is challenged, we are going to crave the sweet flavor!

The Energetic Emotion

Food cravings have an energetic origin and are linked to an emotion. Emotions are the bridge between our body and mind. Behind the sweet craving’s physical immunity need is the emotion of fear. Fear puts us in fight or flight mode. Fear keeps us from trying new things and stretching our comfort zones. During these sweet cravings, you may find yourself in a life of routine and resisting change. Go ahead and check in with your emotions.

The Soul Message

Behind food cravings, is a level of consciousness that brings a universal life lesson to our attention. At this depth of inquiry, our relationship with food becomes a reflection of who we are and how we are living. Through a food-chakra-consciousness connection, the sweet craving is about finding our ground. The sweet craving is energetically connected to the level of consciousness of the root chakra.

The corresponding life lesson is about becoming grounded and creating a connection to something larger than oneself. When you crave the sweet, ask, what is currently happening in my life that is compromising my sense of stability? What actions can I take to find my ground? How can I feel a sense of belonging so that I can begin to invite newness in my life? Remember, it is never just about the food! When taking this holistic approach, your relationship with food can become a pathway to your own personal evolution. Yes, it is that powerful of a teacher!

Knowing what is behind a sweet craving, what action can you take to begin shifting the underlying consciousness?

Sit in the craving.

Can you allow the craving to surface and just breathe? I know this experience comes with discomfort and can even reach a point of unbearable. You’re going to want the first escape route out of this experience. Can you find the inner strength to wait it out? Just breathe. The discomfort will subside. I promise. It does not last forever. Feel the emotions and grasp the underlying message.

Each time you sit in a craving and do not act upon it, the tension surrounding that craving will lessen. You are altering your state of being and giving your consciousness an upgrade! Your consciousness is at the origin of all your life experiences and is behind a long-term change. So next time that craving comes along, remember it’s not about the cookie. Take a moment to pause, feel the emotions that surface, and connect with the soul lesson that has arrived.


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