What Are You Really Allergic To?…

What Are You Really Allergic To?

Personally, I love spring! Beautiful warm, sunny weather and more and more hours of daylight have a really positive effect on everyone’s mood! However, the reality for many people is that spring is far from their favorite season because it is the time of year when allergies seem to at their worst. The weather is changing and all of mother nature is experiencing abundant growth. This can mean that multiple different bits of plant life are flying through the air and irritating our respiratory passages.

Some of us are more susceptible to these irritants than others and as with all physical ailments, it can be good to look into the underlying causes of our ‘allergies’ in order to be able to manage them effectively rather than just treating symptoms. Taking medication for any condition without trying to understand what is really going on in the physical, mental and emotional body is like painting a dead tree green!

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Metaphysical Causes of Allergies

When we are considering underlying causes, it can be useful to look into the metaphysical realm. Whenever we have pain, discomfort or illness in the physical body it means that we have not dealt with something on the emotional, mental or spiritual level. And until we do, our physical symptoms will continue to reoccur. Part of this approach includes looking at what traumas have occurred down the ancestral line and also what may have occurred in utero or very early childhood. Indeed also from a physical point of view, there have been links found between foods that a woman consumes during pregnancy and the allergies experienced by her child.

Obviously, it can be difficult to know or remember what past traumas your body may be holding onto in its DNA and cellular memory, but all time is one from a universal perspective. So, if you do suffer from respiratory allergies you may like to consider who you are allergic to in your life? Who do you hold hostile feelings towards? Who do you feel invaded or smothered by? Allergic reactions are caused by a sense of loss of power.

Spring brings with it the energy and opportunity to break out of the heavy winter coat, to grow and to change and when we feel unable to embrace this because we are smothered by someone or something, we feel disempowered. When we have problems in the respiratory tract we are not fully accepting and breathing in life as it is in that moment. We are congested emotionally, as well as physically. We may be suppressing grief or guilt because there have been negative consequences for expressing these emotions in the past. Overall the underlying emotion is that we are ‘not enough’.

You are Enough

Mother Nature always knows that she is enough. Plants stretch their limbs towards the sun and their roots deep into the earth in a way that is always flexible and faithful, and never doubts that more light and nutrients will be available because the plant knows that it is worthy.

For us humans, it is often very difficult to pinpoint the underlying emotional causes of any physical ailment and this is where using energy healing techniques works beautifully. The power of energy healing is that the energy will go where it needs to go – whether that is on a physical, mental, emotional or a spiritual level. Even better is the fact that you don’t need to know on a conscious level what deeply rooted emotional causes you are dealing with, you just have to be open to receiving energy for the purposes of healing and also to releasing any blockages that you may have towards healing your wounds.

Essential Oils for Hay Fever

Having a series of energy healing sessions with the intention of overcoming allergies will be beneficial. Using essential oils is a wonderful way to enhance and continue your body’s innate ability to heal itself. These are the oils that I would recommend when dealing with respiratory allergies:

  • Tea tree: Helps us move from intolerance to understanding, is cleansing on all energetic levels and an immune-stimulant
  • Eucalyptus: Helps us reintegrate after feeling overwhelmed, increases cellular oxygen supply, crisp and clearing
  • German chamomile: Helps us release feelings of being imposed upon to once again be free, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
  • Lemongrass: Helps us feel expanded rather than restricted, it is very invigorating whilst also stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Douglas fir: Helps us move from feeling inadequate to recognizing our worth once more, cleansing and invigorating, warming to body and soul
  • Thyme: Helps us find our dynamism again after feeling powerless, stimulates circulation and immunity, particularly useful when the throat is irritated


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