Ways To Incorporate Health Into Our Busy Daily Lives…

Ways To Incorporate Health Into Our Busy Daily Lives

The fast-paced life has resulted in extreme productivity. But it has also taken a toll on our health. If someone were to ask us ‘Are you leading a healthy lifestyle?”, the most probable answer would be a ‘Yes’.

However not many know that they are missing out on the health aspect in their lifestyle until they are struck with an illness, by which time it may be too late to go for lifestyle changes to prevent it. The erratic sleeping patterns, busy schedules, and pressure to meet deadlines have made us forget the importance of leading an active and fit lifestyle.

Here are some tips that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even with your busy schedule.

Make it a priority

Pick any time of the day and make it a non-negotiable hour just for your activity and workouts. Be it early morning or late at night, make it a habit. Start off slow by taking it one day at a time, and soon you will find yourself a salve to this healthy habit. If you go the other approach of trying to fit in the workouts whenever you are free, will not work in the long run.

Keep yourself organized

Having a to-do made at the beginning of the day is a vital approach to extract maximum productivity. This planner will help you dedicate appropriate time to work, studies, family, and health.

Have a good diet

Your food intake dictates the overall level of health you have. Say ‘no’ to sugar, excess salt, gluten, and processed foods. Try to follow the Mediterranean diet (with olive oils and lots of leafy greens on your plate) with a plan as below

  • daily intake of vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains and nuts
  • moderate intake of poultry and eggs, and fish (2 times a week)
  • limited intake of red meat and processed foods

Make workouts a priority

It may be a difficult proposition at the beginning. But stay committed to making exercising your priority and you will see it automatically being a part of your daily routine even when you have a jam-packed day ahead. Your planner has to have an hour or at least 30 minutes to limber up or exercise. Use this time for cycling, jogging, or consider joining the right gym. This way, you break the shackles of an inactive lifestyle tied behind your desk for hours at end. After all, nothing is more precious than your own health, right?

Befriend the water bottle

It is vital to consume at least 5-6 liters of water daily. It not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in the digestive process. For executives and leaders with busy schedules, they can have a water bottle placed on their desk itself. This way, they can avoid visiting the water cooler or pantry every time to take a sip. Whatever be your approach, keeping yourself hydrated is a non-negotiable lifestyle tip that you simply cannot ignore.

Have 7 hours of sleep at a minimum

It is surprising to see a complete decimation of sleep in order to get more out of every single day in today’s times of hectic lifestyles. But with every hour of sleep you sacrifice, you are pushed towards a vortex of illnesses and ailments. Anyone who has stayed awake the entire night for an important deadline knows that it’s just not worth it. Plus, you end up feeling jaded and tired throughout the next day, which reduces your efficiency at the office. So, make sure to get your 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis without fail.

Stick to a morning routine

An uncertain day can be tackled well if you have a fixed routine in the morning. Be it visiting a fitness center near you, clearing out your inbox clutter, or giving yourself some ‘me’ time with a cup of piping hot coffee, whatever makes you happy, you need to do it as a part of your morning routine. A morning routine gives you the time to pause, gather your thoughts, and have a clear idea of how you would approach your day.

Get a good chair

If your busy work schedule ties you up to a chair for the better part of the day, then it is worth spending a bit extra to get a comfortable chair with ergonomics that suit your body structure. While you may not feel any issue in your 20s, you may invite health troubles if your sitting posture isn’t correct for the next two decades. Investing in a good chair can prove to be a boon and help you avoid complications like back pain and other forms of ailments.

A pause every few hours helps…a lot

Try to take out 5 minutes every couple of hours doing absolutely nothing. Our lack of self-love makes us cram work into every waking minute that we get. This lack of respect towards our own body can lead to health and fitness catastrophes later. Give yourself a break once a while and pause to do absolutely nothing for 5-10 minutes. It can benefit you both, physically and psychologically.

To conclude

It is a fact that a sedentary lifestyle leads to multiple issues like cardiovascular problems and risks of obesity. Hence it is best to start off slow and introduce fitness into your life. Be it any activity like brisk walking or going to the gym, the key to successful impetration is that you do it regularly without giving up or finding an excuse not to do it


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