The 6 Top Benefits Of Getting Outside Around Nature…

The 6 Top Benefits Of Getting Outside Around Nature

Nowadays, many of us spend too much time indoors, surrounded by walls and working on electronic devices. Either at work or at home, we spend too much time inside and away from nature. While this may look like the “normal”, the truth is we need to spend time outdoors for our well-being and our health. There are many benefits of spending time outside around nature and it’s important to make time every day to get outside, at least for some time. Today, most people spend a lot of their time indoors, under harsh lights, and in front of electronic devices. After leaving work, they go home and sit in front of the television until it is time to go to bed.

Here’s why you should be going outside and enjoying nature instead.

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Receive an energy boost

Forget coffee, nature is the natural energy booster! Just by spending a few minutes outside every day gives your brain a boost of energy. Nature is full of positive energy that passes into you. If you want to take it even further, try hugging a tree or walking barefoot on grass (also known as earthing).

Improve your creativity

Walking in nature has many benefits in terms of helping your creativity. The boost in energy you feel, the getting rid of any negative energy and raising your vibration by being around nature improves your creativity massively. So very often when we feel stuck at work or other areas and ideas just don’t come, the best thing is to stop what we are doing and just go outside for a walk at a park or at the beach.

Connect with yourself

When we are indoors and getting distracted by many different things, co-workers, family, television, phone, etc, we can get into sensory overload and start to feel numb in regards to listening to ourselves. We feel disconnected and don’t even know how we feel about something or someone. So by going out around nature, you not only eliminate those noises for a while, but you get to listen to nature’s soothing sounds- the birds, the trees, water flowing, etc. You’ll start feeling more connected with yourself again and becomes easier to listening to your inner voice again.

Improve your overall health

Being around nature regulares your internal system. In other words, you return to a calm and peaceful internal state, which is actually your normal state. That helps everything in your body work better, because it helps open your chakras and release stuck energy. The energy in your body starts to flow and that has a positive Impact in your overall health.

Soak up that Vitamin D

Regular exposure to the sun provides you with a good source of vitamin D, which is linked to a good immune system. It is a good idea to try to soak up the sun every day for at least 10 minutes.

Instant Mood Changer

As we mentioned before, nature as a way to regulate your emotions and internal state. That means that if you are feeling stressed, anxious, even depressed, going out and being around nature can quickly change your mood for the better. You can go for a walk, or just sit around nature and let yourself feel its embrace. Let it heal you and raise your vibration. This makes it well worth the time and effort to go outside every day.


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