7 Ways To Synch Your Period With The Moon…

7 Ways To Synch Your Period With The Moon

As I have continued upon this path of holistic healing, tapping into the ancient innate divine feminine knowledge stored within my own body, being guided by my intuition to restore my body to a state of health, I began to notice that my period starting synching up to the moon— as it naturally will when you embark upon this process of awakening, healing, and tapping into your sacred divine feminine womb power.

My own period coincides with the new moon—a phenomenon known as the white moon. It is a symbol of new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. It is also a time when manifestations come to fruition.

Some of us will bleed with the full moon— a phenomenon known as the red moon. It is a time of release and letting go to clear space for manifestations.

If you want to bleed with the moon, here are some ways you can balance your hormones, increase feminine energy, and synch your own cycle to do so:

1. Find an alternative form of birth control — non-hormonal. I recommend the copper IUD.

2. Work with cannabis or other plant medicine.

3. Eat more dark chocolate or cacao to stimulate estrogen.

4. Work with flowers directly on your body.

5. Eat a natural, whole, grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free diet.

6. Practice energy clearing. Focus intentions on your sacred womb-space and clearing old energy from past lovers.

7. This might not make sense– but try dressing in a way that expresses your femininity. Just being in that energy with yourself is very powerful, healing, and promotes more feminine energy in yourself.

Ultimately, if you want to bleed with the moon, you need to restore your natural hormone cycle back into balance by increasing feminine energy. Due to the way our society is set up, as a patriarchy, the feminine energy has largely been shot down and ignored. However, she is rising, she is healing, she is sacred, and she can no longer be ignored.


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Emily Heron


Emily is a writer, shamanic healer and intuitive holistic health coach. She has created a series of online courses about…

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